Skill Paths Detail Teamwork


Diese neuen Lernpfade wurden mit unserer Blendedx-Technologie entwickelt und bieten den Lernenden die fortschrittlichste und aktuellste Lernerfahrung. Wir decken die gefragtesten Fähigkeiten von heute und morgen ab, die vollständig an Ihre eigenen Kompetenzen angepasst werden können.

Sinnvoll. Ergebnisorientiert. Ansprechend.


Create and relay the vision

• Go beyond the buzzword: what is vision?

• Prepare to implement the vision

• Translate vision to operational terms

• Visioneering: create your vision

Design thinking

• Build a prototype

• Design a solution

• Reframe problems to unlock new solutions

• Solve real problems by identifying the root cause

• Teste solutions

• Understand the principles of design thinking

Ensure accountability in your team

• Balance control and trust in accountability

• Define accountability

• Leverage collective accountability

Ensure organizational agility

• Be an agitator for agility

• Create agile work systems

• Design a flexible organization

• Design strategies that nurture agility

• Develop your organization’s capability for change

• Understand agility

Guide change

• Choose the right strategy for implementing change

• Manage long-term tranformation day-to-day

• Master communication in change projects

• Organize in the face of transformation

• Plan for successful change


• Balance disruption vs. continuous improvement

• Boost your thinking power with mind maps

• Build a dedicated innovation team

• Execute innovation successfully

Leader’s accountability

• Be a community builder

• Be a deliberate Leader

• Fulfill your obligations as a leader

• Get ready for the hard work of leadership

• Take on the leadership contract

Leadership attitudes

• Act with resilience and courage

• Be you: the power of authenticity

• Create healthy systems: the critical role of „fairness“

• Inspire others

• Lead by example

• Lead others

Strategic thinking

• Beat your competitors

• Craft a successful strategy

• Exploit industry cycles

• Find the strategic opportunity in tough times

• Master the SWOT analysis

Take your leadeship to the next level

• Take Your leadership to the next level – (1-5)


Build a fearless team

• Invite participation

• Reap the benefits of pscyhological safety

• Recognize „silencing mechanisms“

• Respond to contributions

• Set the stage for psychological safety

• Understand and assessing psychological safety

Build a successful team

• Build a foundation: a team’s „forming“ stage

• Build on the momentum: a team’s „performing“ stage

• Get traction: a team’s „norming“ stage

• Manage a team in the digital age

• Manage through the pain: a team’s „storming“ stage

• Provide the right support in each stage of team development

• Understand what makes a „real team“

Confront the 5 dysfunctions of a team

• Develop peer-to-peer accountability (a leader’s guide)

• Develop trust (a leader’s guide)

• Encourage healthy conflict (a leader’s guide)

• Ensure team member commitment (a leader’s guide)

• Focus on collective results (a leader’s guide)

• Recognize the five dysfunctions of a team

Develop & coach people

• Balance guidance and freedom when mentoring

• Ensure the safety of learning and risk-taking

• Establish the right foundation for mentorship

• Give advice without getting resistance

• Give feedback without getting resentment

• Implement reverse mentoring

Drive results and motivating

• Drive individual and team engagement

• Encourage through recognition and reward

• Get real value from the objective setting process

• Give constructive feedback

• Increase the value of performance reviews

• Set clear expectations

Engage remote team members

• Balance the risks and opportunities of remote working

• Implement remote working in your team

• Reach out to remote team members

• Set up a geographically dispersed team

• Support and motivate each individual remotely

• Unite and motivate a remote team

Manage conflicts

• Manage challenging conversations

• Resolve conflicts through shared reality

• Understand the process of conflict

Manage diversity

• Benefit from diversity

• Deal with unconscious bias

• Leverage diversity in your daily work life

• Manage diversity

Create and relay the vision

• Go beyond the buzzword: what is vision?

• Prepare to implement the vision

• Translate vision to operational terms

• Create and implement your vision

Manage team well-being

• Assess the level of healthy performance of your team

• Develop the mindset of a „well-being manager“

• Establish a well-being framework for your team

• Prioritize team well-being as a manager

Manager attitudes

• Be accessible to your team

• Be responsive to your team

• Support your team


• Delegate effectively

• Hire and recruit

• Onboard a new team member

• Retain key talent

Pursuit of excellence

• Pursuit of excellence – (1-5)

Run effective meetings

• Effective meeting – Elise Keith (1-5)

Personal development

21st century attitudes

• Invite participation

• Reap the benefits of pscyhological safety

• Recognize „silencing mechanisms“

• Respond to contributions

• Set the stage for psychological safety

• Understand and assess psychological safety

Complex problem solving

• Solve complex problems

Critical thinking

• Critical thinking (1-5)

Develop creativity using intuition

• Ask the right creative questions

• Boost group creativity

• Lead a brainstorming session

• Make creative ideas emerge

• Take a creative approach

Judgement and decision making

• Balance certainty and urgency in making decisions

• Hone your judgment

Manage your growth and career

• Build competitive skills in a changing world

• Dream up your own career path

• Harness learning for continuous advancement

• Learn (or not) from success and failure

• Reintroduce the new professional you

• Take stock of your professional possibilities

• Use feedback to boost your career growth

• Use narrative to connect your past and future

Manage your own wellbeing and work/life balance

• Increase your happiness at work

• Manage your stress

• Manage your worklife balance

• Stay productive by allowing yourself to disconnect


• Mindfulness with Gill Hasson (1-5)

Build a fearless team

• Invite participation

• Reap the benefits of pscyhological safety

• Recognize „silencing mechanisms“

• Respond to contributions

• Set the stage for psychological safety

• Understand and assess psychological safety


• Improve time management

• Make better use of your time

• Manage priorities and organization more effectively

• Manage your attention

• Plan your tasks

• Recognize the factors in time-wasting

• Work at home

• Work remotely

Interpersonal development

21st century attitudes

• Be more accepting of feedback

• Gain more confidence to speak up

Assertiveness and self-confidence

• Boost your self-esteem

• Boost your self-esteem in relation to others

• Buid self-confidence

• Develop assertiveness

Basics communication tools

• Ask questions

• Be aware of your „perception filter“

• Craft effective messages with empathy

• Improve active listening

• Make effective requests

Contribute to effective meetings

• Contribute to effective meetings

Deal with conflicts

• Channel your frustrations to stay productive

• Engage in healthy conflicts

• Resolve tension (DESC method)

Deal with other cultures

• Build trust across cultures

• Communicate remotely across cultures

• Deal with the challenge of intercultural collaboration

• Recognize cultural differences

• Understand how culture influences organisations and working approach

• Understand how culture influences people

Empathy and emotional intelligence

• Boost productivity through empathy

• Connect to others for more effective work relationships

• Craft effective messages with empathy

• Emotional intelligence

• Give feedback with empathy

• Resolve conflicts through shared reality

• Show empathy

• Understand yourself and others – (1-5)


• Find your negotiating style

• Leverage the mutual gains approach

• Maintain a good working relationship when negotiating

• Negotiate without haggling or positional bargaining

• Prepare for negotiations


• Build a robust professional network

• Tap into the different types of connectors in your network

• Understand connectional intelligence

Persuasion and influence

• Be more persuasive

• Increase your influence

• Make your point effectively

Service and client orientation

• Amaze your customers

• Encourage staff to be client-oriented

• Improve your team’s skills through mentoring

• Manage client dissatisfaction

• Own the customer experience

• Provide a service that meets the customer’s expectations

• Sell solutions instead of products

• Treat your team like your clients

• Understand the basics of quality client service

Teamwork & collaboration

• Commit to professional responsibilities

• Conduct meetings that matter

• Connect to others for more effective work relationships

• Cultivate peer-to-peer accountability

• Embrace shared leadership

• Focus on collective results

• Make effective group decisions

• Teaming: get started as an improvised team


Digital marketing

• Develop your digital communication strategy

• Digitally enhance your product

• Navigate through your digital landscape

• Structure your omni-channel system

• Understand your digital consumers

Finance acumen

• Finance acumen

Human resources

• Attract and retaining talent

• Create a talent management virtuous spiral

• Design work in order to motivate performance

• Develop talent

• Optimize your compensation and benefits program

• Recruiting


• Choose the correct market positioning for your product

• Create your marketing plan

• Determine your marketing strategy

• Understand segmentation

• Understand the essentials of marketing

• Understand your customers

Sales management

• Adapt coaching to performance

• Address poor performance

• Groom future sales managers

• Manage your team’s pipeline

• Provide ongoing training

• Recruit and onboarding

• Run a sales meeting

• Set team goals and motivating wins

• Strengthen cross-functional relationships

• Take on the many roles of a sales manager


• Conclude a sale

• Deal with client objections

• Discover the keys to successful selling

• Identify client needs and motivations

• Make a good sales argument to convince the client

• Prepare a sales meeting

• Succeed in the first 5 minutes of your sales meeting

Eine Fakultät von weltbekannten Experten, um geschäftlichen Erfolg zu erzielen

Der Umfang der CrossKnowledge-Lernressourcen wird durch die Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen der Fakultät – Bestsellerautoren und Experten – zum Leben erweckt. Wir haben internationale Experten aus den weltweit führenden Business Schools rekrutiert, darunter Harvard, Wharton, die Stern School of Business der NYU und USC.

Steigern Sie den Lernerfolg in Ihrem Unternehmen. Mit einer Lösung, die eigens für den Aufbau von Kompetenzen konzipiert wurde.