Mobile Learning

Harness the power of mobile learning
in a multi-screen world

Today’s mobile devices provide more computing power than ever. Thanks to Learn, the CrossKnowledge mobile app, every company can benefit from the opportunity to bridge the power of a learning system to mobile capabilities and experience the learning continuum.

Roll out and manage learning everywhere with ease

Learn App

Adopt a unified approach towards learning
Mobile learning and enterprise learning systems shouldn’t be seen as two different and isolated experiences. Companies are focusing on delivering a complete and synchronized learning experience to keep up with the explosion of multi screen devices and new learning behaviors.

Mobile Learning App

Untether your teams to gain agility
In today’s fast pacing environment, time is becoming a key resource for every individual. By unleashing learners’ productivity time and creating new training opportunities, organizations will generate loyalty from their employees and dramatically gain in agility while maximizing their investments.

Enjoy the Mobile Learning Experience

“Learn” by CrossKnowledge is an interactive mobile application designed to train and prepare your talent to face today’s complex and ever-changing business environment. With the “Learn” app, a world of experts are just a click away, with captivating presentations in a variety of formats. The right combination of ingredients to reach your business objectives.

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