Elevate your Leadership

Uncover blind spots to boost your career

Elevate your Leadership

As leaders excel in their careers and in their performance, they often reach a plateau where their own talents become stumbling blocks to greater success.

This facilitated course helps small groups of mid- to high-level leaders work together to solve the typical interpersonal behavioral issues that can hold high performers back from achieving even more.

This facilitated program offers actionable, personalized plans for leadership growth to which your leaders can hold themselves accountable.

It helps them identify problems, request and truly listen to feedback, involve others in their progress, and stay accountable for their growth.

This program benefits:

Elevate Your Leadership for Middle Managers

Middle Managers

Elevate Your Leadership for Senior Managers

Senior Managers

Learned skills and behaviors


Identify the leadership bad habits you may have


Stay committed to our goals

Feedback Management

Ask for feedback and respond to it productively

Active Listening

Listen to what others tell us

Organizational impact

Empower managers to develop essential leadership skills and mindset to:

Troubleshoot the typical bad habits that impede success

Proactively ask for others’ feedback and respond to it

Make plans for change and follow-up on goals

The program

3-week program – up to 15 learning hours

Targeted employee cohorts learn together in smaller groups of around 10
Facilitator-led, situational learning

Thought-leading content developed with these experts:

Marshall Goldsmith: elevate your Leadership - CrossKnowledge Faculty

Marshall Goldsmith

Dr Marshall Goldsmith is a world-class executive educator, coach and author. With his four decades of experience, he helps top CEOs and executives overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors to achieve greater success. He is also a two-time winner of the Thinkers50 Leadership Award.

Curriculum and Modules

Key learning points and outcomes
Program kickoff
Program intro, learning goals, and expectations
Module 1

Recognize the most common leadership bad habits

Proactively ask for feedback

Listen to feedback 
Module 2
Make plans

Understand the value of feedback

Respond to feedback in a calm and thoughful way

Get more forward-looking input with “feedforward” 
Module 3
Be accountable

Harness others for accountability

Create your own daily question process

Ask yourself the right questions to stay focused on your priorities 
Program Wrap Up
Program wrap up, impact

End of course survey

The CrossKnowledge advantage

Leading from the Middle - Outcome-designed


Engaging content activities developed
with renowned experts and delivered
in a proven learning design.

Leading from the Middle - Cohort-based


Your employees learn together with
their peers and within the context of
your organization.

Leading from the Middle - Facilitator-led


One-on-one guidance and virtual
sessions packed with purposeful
interaction and peer-to-peer learning.

Ignite collaborative

Kick-start change

Deliver impact

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