Leading edge designed blended learning paths

With proven pedagogical techniques, a full range of learning activities and a user-centric interface, you’ll be able to create engaging blended paths and drive effective learning outcomes.

CrossKnowledge Blended Learning Solutions

Tap into the power of our blendedx technology

The possibilities to create training paths are now endless. But finding the right combination of blended learning activities to provide value to your learners may be a real challenge.

At CrossKnowledge, we combine technology with over 20 years of experience in learning design to help you create effective and structured training paths.

Blended Learning


Guide and engage learners through storytelling and a user-friendly interface

Blended Learning


Offer a wide variety of activities
(social, collaborative, classroom and more!) to put new skills into practice right away, in the real world

Blended Learning


Empower coaches, trainers or facilitators to manage and guide learners as they see fit

Engage and perform

  • Design a step-by-step learning experience to help your employees build skills effectively

  • Guide your workforce in their learning journey with meaningful activities and impactful storytelling

  • Engage learners with a user-centric interface and easy navigation for an unparalleled experience

CrossKnowledge Blended Learning Solutions

Provide the right experience for your teams

CrossKnowledge Blended Learning Solutions
  • Give room for both formal and informal learning to happen with learning resources and social activities

  • Create the right balance between online and face-to-face training, and synchronous and asynchronous activities

  • Foster interaction and reinforce learning through polls, assessments, quizzes, surveys, assignments and more

Put coaches at the heart of your training path

Provide coaches and facilitators

with a dedicated interface to guide learners and send them reminders and feedback individually or collectively

Help them manage and analyze progress

in real time, check classroom attendance, distribute points, and identify and assist struggling learners

Track and report global usage

in real time by path, activity within the path, or learner

Give them the tools

to encourage and motivate learners and increase their confidence and satisfaction

Want to start right away?

Skilled Workforce

Path to Performance™,  a collection of 34 carefully curated and guided learning experiences fostering skills acquisition on the most critical topics.

  • Ready to deploy
  • Expert content
  • Carefully curated
  • Customizable

Blended Learning Driven Growth at Schneider Electric

This Learning Driven Growth webinar is for you if you are wondering how to develop the right skills of leaders to contribute to the profitable expansion of your company?