Build Psychological Safety

Create a climate where people can speak their minds

Build Psychological Safety - a Facilitated Upskilling Program

To compete in a volatile and changing world, organizations must tap into the full creativity, expertise and passion of every employee. But this is not possible when people are focused only on “fitting in” and “going along with things”. In such an environment key information is not shared, ideas are squashed, errors multiply, and people don’t learn from failures.

This facilitated program provides the antidote, psychological safety, in which people feel comfortable enough to speak their minds, share insights, and identify and correct mistakes.

It equips your leaders with the necessary skills to create a environment where people can identify and solve their failures, innovate together, and contribute to the collective good of the organization.

This program benefits:

Build Psychological Safety - Junior Managers

Junior Managers

Build Psychological Safety - Middle Managers

Middle Managers

Build Psychological Safety - Project  Managers

Project Managers

Build Psychological Safety - Senior  Managers

Senior Managers

Learned skills and behaviors

Team Innovation

Learn how to get past fears and create a workplace
where people can learn from failures.

Trust Building

Learn how to invite participation proactively
and set up structures for idea-sharing.

Feedback Management

Learn how to respond productively
to someone speaking up

Team motivation

Learn how to frame the nature of work in order to
motivate your team around a common purpose.

Organizational impact

Empower middle managers to develop essential leadership skills and mindset to:

Appreciate the importance of psychologically safe environments for organizations

Create and maintain such environments

The program

4-week program – up to 15 learning hours

Targeted employee cohorts learn together in smaller groups of around 10
Facilitator-led, situational learning

Thought-leading content developed by

Amy C. Edmondson - psychological safety - CrossKnowledge Faculty

Amy Edmondson

Amy C. Edmondson is the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School. She is best known for her pioneering work on psychological safety, which has spawned a large body of academic research in management, healthcare and education over the past 15 years. 

Curriculum and Modules

Key learning points and outcomes
Program kickoff
Program intro, learning goals, and expectations
Module 1
Explore psychological safety

Know what happens in a “culture of silence”

Understand how psychological safety counteracts that

Appreciate its benefits
Module 2
Set the stage

Frame the nature of work and approaches to failure

Motivate your team around a common purpose
Module 3
Invite the participation

Adopt a mindset of “situational humility”

Proactively make smart inquiries
Module 4
Respond productively

Respond productively to someone speaking up

Deal with failures  in clear and useful ways
Program Wrap Up
Program wrap up, impact

End of course survey

The CrossKnowledge advantage

Leading from the Middle - Outcome-designed


Engaging content activities developed
with renowned experts and delivered
in a proven learning design.

Leading from the Middle - Cohort-based


Your employees learn together with
their peers and within the context of
your organization.

Leading from the Middle - Facilitator-led


One-on-one guidance and virtual
sessions packed with purposeful
interaction and peer-to-peer learning.

Ignite collaborative

Kick-start change

Deliver impact

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