Learning Solutions

Our digital learning solutions are a unique combination of engaging learning technology and expertly designed content on the most in-demand skills to help upskill and reskill your workforce with confidence. Along our journey together, we provide you with strategic guidance and governance for the efficient delivery of highly effective and engaging learning experiences.

Our Facilitated Programs

Lead from the Middle

Strategies for delegation, trust, and adaptability

Unlock Team Creativity

Strategies for innovative thinking and problem solving

Master hybrid leadership

Master Hybrid Leadership

Cultivate collaboration, communication and cohesion in remote and hybrid teams

Building Team Connectivity

Build Cohesive Teams

Foster strong connections, cooperation, and unity among team members

Automate your decision making

Make Effective Decisions

Empower managers to delegate effectively

Delivering best-in-class digital learning solutions

Facilitated Learning Programs

Facilitated Upskilling Programs

Serve specific employee populations with social blended learning

CrossKnowledge Blended Learning Solutions

Leading edge designed blended learning paths

With proven pedagogical techniques, a full range of learning activities and a user-centric interface, you’ll be able to create engaging blended paths and drive effective learning outcomes.

CrossKnowledge Channeled Solutions

Build capability academies to support your business priorities

Whether it’s a Leadership or Supply Chain Academy, offer targeted groups a strong learning community where they can develop specific skills and share knowledge and best practices.

CrossKnowledge CK Connect Solutions

Deliver personalized soft skills training

Give each employee the training they need to unlock their human potential. We leverage the power of personalization at scale to accelerate every learner’s personal development.

CrossKnowledge Academy

Learning is a journey that should be meaningful for people and businesses. The CrossKnowledge Academy is committed to help L&D professionals deliver high impact learning solutions that drive skills acquisition and upskill your workforce.

People working around a table. One man and one woman are standing and taking notes.

A unique focus on learning outcomes

We tap into our solid expertise in digital learning and over 20 years of experience with successful delivery to ensure your projects will drive outcomes.