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We help classroom training companies – like yours – digitize their offering and combine their face-to-face training with qualitative digital learning content to better serve their clients.

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We offer the best blended learning

With our digital learning solutions, we keep humans at the heart of the digital learning experience the heart of the digital learning experience. We offer a variety of features and activities to facilitate interactions, networking and collaboration while offering trainers and coaches a dedicated space.

Create blended learning paths

Curate content from hundreds of skill paths

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CrossKnowledge as your digital learning partner

  • Benefit from continuous innovation
  • Access the facilitator interface to guide your learners
  • Integrate easily with virtual classroom
  • Get the support from digital learning designers

The collaboration with CrossKnowledge allows us to offer innovative learning solutions, increase our revenue and the quality of our services.

F. Martinez – Managing Director at TMC

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