Build Cohesive Teams

Foster strong connections, cooperation, and unity among team members

Building Team Connectivity

The rise of hybrid work has weakened team cohesion, leading to decreased productivity and negatively affecting your organization’s overall performance.

This program equips your key talent to build high-performing teams by developing skills and behaviors that encourage collaboration, accountability, and team cohesion.

This program benefits:

Building Team Connectivity - Middle managers

Middle Managers

Building Team Connectivity - Key talent

Key Talent

Learned skills and behaviors

Collaboration and accountability

Create a team environment that
encourages hybrid work productivity.

Meaning and belonging

Teach teams how to recognize differing
ideas and move forward as one team.

Psychological safety

Develop a safe environment where team
members feel comfortable contributing, failing, and learning.

Organizational impact:

Empower your people managers to foster team connections and cultivate a culture of teamwork.

Collaborate more effectively
for increased business performance and outcomes.

Establish a culture of trust and
accountability that drives
collaboration and teamwork.

Boost engagement scores by
implementing critical
engagement skills across your

The program

Facilitated Learning Programs

Build Cohesive Teams

4-week program – up to 15 learning hours

50 people working in 5 cohorts | Facilitator-led, situational learning

Thought-leading content developed with these experts:

Charles Handy


Writer, broadcaster and lecturer, and one of the top names in Thinkers Fifty.

Robert Dilts


Internationally respected developer, author, trainer, and consultant in leadership and change.

Lisette Sutherland is the author of "Work Together Anywhere" (Wiley) and member of the crossKnowledge Faculty


Director of Collaboration Superpowers, a company that helps people work better together remotely or on a hybrid basis.

Jurgen Appelo


Writer and thought-leader of Management 3.0.

Andrew Kinder - Remote Working and Well-being - CrossKnowledge Faculty


Leading chartered psychologist, awarded a Fellowship by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Jason W. Womack

Jason W.

International speaker and leadership coach.

Tammy Hughes


Expert on intergenerational issues within organizations.

Amber Cabral - Diversity, equity and inclusion - Faculty


Inclusion strategist, certified coach, writer, and speaker.

Dave Mitchell Leadership Development - CrossKnowledge Faculty


Award-winning educator, speaker, and author,

Amy C. Edmondson - psychological safety - CrossKnowledge Faculty


Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management.

Marie Miyashiro


Internationally recognized author, business consultant, facilitator, and keynote speaker.

Curriculum and Modules

Key Learning Points and Outcomes
Program kickoff
Program intro, facilitator intro, learning goals, and expectations
Week 1:
Create a shared reality and sense of purpose

What makes a “team”

Align on a common vision for your team

Foster team cohesion and collaboration
Week 2:
Foster a psychologically safe environment for connection

Set the stage for psychological safety

Give constructive feedback

Establish trust with your team
Week 3:
Lead a dynamic, connected hybrid work environment

Develop a culture of accountability

Manage difficulties within a hybrid team

Set new norms and communication rules
Week 4:
Discover strengths in your identities

Acknowledge unconscious biases

Recognize diversity in your team

Analyze team dynamics using personality styles
Program Wrap Up
Program wrap up, impact

End of course survey

The CrossKnowledge advantage

Building Team Connectivity - Outcome-designed


Engaging content activities, developed
with renowned experts, delivered in a
proven learning design.

Building Team Connectivity - Cohort-based


Your employees learn together with
their peers and within the context of
your organization, at scale.

Building Team Connectivity - Facilitator-led


One-on-one guidance and virtual
sessions packed with purposeful
interaction and peer-to-peer learning.

Ignite collaborative

Kick-start change

Deliver impact

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