CrossKnowledge Academy

Learning is a journey that should be meaningful for people and businesses. The CrossKnowledge Academy is committed to help L&D professionals deliver high impact learning solutions that drive skills acquisition and upskill your workforce.

The CrossKnowledge Academy is exclusively dedicated to our L&D clients to get the best out of our solutions and step into an exclusive L&D community to exchange and apply best practices. We are a team of experts, consultants and researchers in the field of (digital) pedagogy dedicated to increasing the skills of the L&D function.

What do I get with the CrossKnowledge Academy

  • A dedicated website available in English, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Dutch

  • Recommended paths based on your role

  • Synchronous and asynchronous courses as well as micro-learning resources, available anytime

  • Exclusive events designed and facilitated by world-class experts

HILL, an exclusive Masterclass

CrossKnowledge Academy
  • 8-week program to learn how to build High Impact Learning that lasts

  • Weekly on-on-one coaching sessions

  • Gamified virtual classroom sessions

  • Facilitated by CK Research Manager and CK Learning Design Manager

Using the HILL principles

The HILL principles structure learning around 7 building blocks. From creating a sense of urgency to using learning as an assessment tool, the HILL principles will help you lay the foundations to create high-impact digital training programs with long-lasting results.

Man with woman at work discussing