The Human Advantage series: the coaching mindset in leadership, with Jens Maxeiner from Bosch

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In this episode, we embark on a captivating journey through the leadership experiences of Jens Maxeiner, a transformative leader and coach at Bosch.

With over two decades of leadership experience under his belt, Jens embodies the essence of authentic leadership, advocating for a coaching mindset that empowers individuals and elevates teams.

His journey into coaching began as a pursuit of personal and professional growth, leading him to become a certified coach and mentor. Now, Jens is at the forefront of driving organizational success and leads manufacturing and engineering teams at Bosch. He played a pivotal role in establishing an internal coaching community at Bosch, comprising 250 internal coaches who serve as invaluable resources for personal and professional development.

Today, we are privileged to glean insights from Jens as he shares his expertise on how embracing a coaching mindset can elevate leadership effectiveness and foster human-centered organizations.

4 key insights from Jens Maxeiner:

The Power of Active Listening
Jens emphasizes the importance of listening in leadership. He contrasts the typical managerial tendency to provide solutions with the more impactful approach of genuinely listening to understand others’ perspectives. By valuing the input of team members and fostering an environment where they feel heard, leaders can unlock new ideas, build trust, and ultimately drive engagement within their teams.

Coaching as a Catalyst for Engagement
Through coaching, Jens discovered that empowering team members to voice their ideas and concerns leads to higher engagement and commitment. By valuing their input and fostering a culture of open communication, leaders can harness the collective potential of their teams, driving organizational success.

Integrating Coaching Principles into Leadership
While acknowledging the distinction between coaching and leadership roles, Jens advocates for leaders to integrate coaching principles into their approach. He suggests that leaders can enrich their toolbox by adopting a coaching mindset, which involves viewing team members as resourceful individuals capable of solving their own challenges. By embracing a coaching mindset and leveraging coaching techniques, leaders can enhance their effectiveness in guiding and developing their teams.

Leadership as a Multi-Faceted Role
Jens highlights the multifaceted nature of leadership, emphasizing the importance of adapting leadership styles to different situations. While coaching principles can enhance leadership effectiveness, he also recognizes the need for directive leadership in urgent or crisis situations. By understanding when to employ coaching-style leadership versus other approaches, leaders can navigate complex challenges and foster environments favorable to growth and collaboration.


Show notes

(00:01) Introduction to the Human Advantage series
(00:15) Renan welcomes Jens Maxeiner, a transformative leader and certified coach at Bosch, to discuss the coaching mindset in leadership
(01:58) Jens Maxeiner’s personal journey into coaching
(05:12) The influence of coaching on leadership
(08:58) The value of leaders having a coaching mindset and skill set
(11:10) Why a leader cannot be the coach of their people
(12:57) Fostering a coaching approach across different levels of the organization
(18:19) Empowering leadership teams with a coaching mindset
(21:49) Conclusion of the podcast

Jens Maxeiner - CK podcast Coaching MindsetJens Maxeiner is a transformational Leader, Mentor and Coach based in Germany, leading a manufacturing and engineering department at Bosch. With over two decades of leadership experience and an education in executive coaching, he seeks to elevate his team and coaching counterparts to become authentic leaders. During the last years, he has worked with leaders and teams in Germany and China, helping them to succeed in leading and developing organizations. Additionally, he supported the training department for Bosch China in implementing a transformational leadership culture and is one of the core team members initiating and implementing an internal coaching community at Bosch to support all associates in their learning and growth. His dedication is to build human centered organizations where people feel safe and where they prosper for their and their organization’s benefit.
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Renan DOS SANTOS - Mental Health PodcastRenan dos Santos boasts a decade of experience in the exciting world of L&D. He’s been a key player at CrossKnowledge, proudly wearing many hats as a marketer. Renan’s journey has taken him through the vibrant realms of two different countries, where he’s contributed to shaping CrossKnowledge’s narrative in the dynamic landscape of upskilling. He’s passionate about education and a firm believer in the transformative power of learning.
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