Powerful integrations: leverage our connectors and APIs

Offer your learners the best learning experience in your ecosystem

Integration connectors for HRIS, LMS and content

Building seamless learning environments, for administrators and learners

Integrate CrossKnowledge using our standard connectors, or build your own integrations with our public APIs. Our Integration Consultants provide dedicated support throughout the implementation of your integration strategy.

  • Offer your learners the best learning experience in your ecosystem, ​
  • Build and distribute learning experiences within your existing environment​,
  • Seamlessly incorporate third-party content libraries into your learners’ journey.

HRIS & LMS connectors

Leverage our standard connectors capabilities

  • Enrich your learning offer with CrossKnowledge learning experiences, Skill Paths,
    corporate academies, fueled by quality content from thought-leading experts.​
  • Build and distribute learning experiences to specific learner populations.​
  • These connectors enable the automation of HR and Learning tasks,
    simplifying the reporting process.
SAP SuccessFactors integration

This robust API-based standard connector relies on SuccessFactors OCN that syncs your learners, CrossKnowledge upskilling solutions and completions.

Cornerstone CSOD Integration

Power up your learning experience with our connector leveraging CSOD CDS to synchronize your learners, CrossKnowledge Learning Solutions, and tracking.

Workday integration

Automate user provisioning​
Coming soon – a full-fledged standard connector is in discovery as part of our current roadmap.

Content connectors

Enrich your learning offer with content integration

Curate the most relevant programs

Leverage the power of our technology to contextualize your content libraries to your target audience(s).​
Curate the most relevant learning for your development and business strategy or allow them instant access to what they need. ​

Provide seamless access to your learners

Your employees search and access your 3rd party content libraries directly from CrossKnowledge Learning Suite. ​​

Measure the impact of your learning strategy​

Monitor usage and impact directly from your CrossKnowledge Learning Suite reporting workspace.​​

LinkedIn Learning integration
Udemy business Integration
PluralSight integration
Fitforbanking Integration
Edflex integration
Datacamp integration
Oreilly integration
Unow integration
Busuu integration
7speaking integration
Voxy integration
Percipio connector

Coming soon:

Coursera for business Integration

Our APIs for seamless integrations with other systems

APIs from CrossKnowledge

We offer a comprehensive set of over 50 API endpoints to automate most operations on your CrossKnowledge Learning Suite, allowing you to manage your learners, your training courses or your publishers from any other platform.

With our APIs, push or pull the data you need on your learners progress and make it available to or from your third-party systems.

In-house integration consultancy services

When integrating CrossKnowledge solutions into your digital ecosystem, decisions need to be made around how to offer your end users (learners, managers, facilitators, L&D teams) the best experience.

This is where our in-house Integration Consultants’ team expertise will help. 

We apply our deep technological expertise to simplify your complex learning environment which combines multiple platforms, HRIS systems and content libraries from external providers.

Through our integration capabilities, we offer you an end-to-end solution, for relevant distribution and creation of upskilling programs within your ecosystem.  ​

In-house integrations

By understanding your digital ecosystem and looking at your end users’ journey, our Integration Consultants deliver integration services that ensure your learners benefit from a seamless environmentimpactful learning experiences, for better outcomes.

Seamless environment


Synchronize your learners’ data across multiple systems.
Ensure a seamless experience for your learners, and that they can authenticate into 3rd party technologies without any log-in required and consume learning wherever available.

Impactful learning experiences

Content & Learning Formats

Index your 3rd party content libraries to provide a single point of access to all your digital content to your end users.
○ ​Resurface your learning experiences in all possible areas in your ecosystem.

Better outcomes

Digital learning data

Measure the success of your digital learning strategies by leveraging learning data analytics into your BI tool. 
Build and monitor your own KPIs.

It’s our mission is to enable you to deliver learning experiences that will drive impact on your people and your organizations’ performance, through successfully integrating CrossKnowledge solutions as part of your digital ecosystem.

The team is composed of integration consultants with a strong expertise in technology and digital learning ecosystems and help you build your own integrations and make the most of CrossKnowledge’s APIs. ​

Discover how we can help you
to set up your integrations.