Integration & APIs

CrossKnowledge integration capabilities extend to every corner of what makes digital learning successful.

We have developed deep technological capabilities to simplify end-user experience and ensure accessibility.

Header image Integration capabilities

The best learning experience possible

Make CrossKnowledge Content and Learning Solutions available in all areas of your own ecosystem.

We enable you to integrate CrossKnowledge content and learning solutions into your existing learning management system, as well as the consolidated tracking of your learners’ activity on these contents and learning formats.

A single point of access for all your learning initiatives

We index your 3rd party content libraries to make them accessible for your learners directly from the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite (CKLS).

50 APIs for a seamless integration with any solution

We offer a comprehensive set of 50 APIs to automate most operations on your CrossKnowledge Learning Suite, allowing you to manage your learners, your training courses or your publishers from any other platform.

Our APIs let you also retrieve data about learner’s progress, training registrations and make it available in your third-party systems.