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CrossKnowledge offers a complete range of courses on topics such as leadership, diversity, value creation, client orientation, change, and corporate strategy.

Driving Engagement and Powerful Transformations

With CrossKnowlege, you’ll discover a complete range of courses, including leadership, diversity, value creation, client orientation, change, and corporate strategy. Our easily customisable solution is built on a respected library of content and utilises the top minds from universities across the globe to suit your unique needs. Our team of dedicated experts will provide you with support and act as your extended learning team. Together, we help your people become engaged and retain knowledge that will transform your organisation.

The CrossKnowledge Faculty

Created with top minds from the world’s leading schools

The CrossKnowledge Faculty stands out because of the excellence of its authors. Recruited by CrossKnowledge, these leading international experts come from the top international business schools (Harvard, INSEAD, Wharton, HEC…etc). Because we have sought out the best authors, you can be assured that you have the best internationally recognised tools and techniques for management and leadership.

Diversified learning formats for more flexibility

Tens of thousands of content assets diversify and add variety to your learning experience.  They are natively HTML5 accessible and 100% mobile to make sure your learners have access to their programmes when and where they need them. In addition to our mobile delivery, our assets are localised in 17 languages to ensure perfect relevance for local markets.

The diversity of the topics we cover targets all the key competencies needed by your leaders within your organisation.


Our service extends possibilities and allows for full customisation

At CrossKnowledge, you’ll find a network of international consultants working daily to ensure the success of your projects. We help to design your platform so that you can implement all of your digital learning programmes and support your change initiatives. Our team lives by a rollout methodology that supports the learning experience for hundreds of companies across a variety of business sectors.

We also offer a customer support portal called the CrossKnowledge Academy. This 24/7 customer support portal gives our valued clients the opportunity to discuss challenges and exchange ideas with other L&D and HR leaders. Within this collaborative platform, you’ll also receive complete access to responsive and visually appealing training modules for your staff.