Dr. Brian Spisak is a consultant, best-selling author and scholar affiliated with the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative at Harvard, and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

His mission is to develop leaders and teams by leveraging behavioral science, data and technology. Drawing on his diverse expertise and more than 15 years of experience, he empowers leaders and their organizations to reach new heights, revolutionizing their approach to decision-making and positioning them for success in the age of AI. In particular, he helps them to navigate the choppy waters of disruption and digital transformation.

Brian’s new book, Computational Leadership: Connecting Behavioral Science and Technology to Optimize Decision-Making and Increase Profits, is an essential read for all leaders in an AI-powered world.

Brian also works with a wide range of private and public sector partners to turbocharge performance, including Pfizer, PwC, NATO and the US Office of Naval Research. In addition, he publishes high-quality research into leadership and group dynamics in major journals including Academy of Management Review, Harvard Business Review, Psychological Science and The Leadership Quarterly. His work is also featured in outlets such as Forbes, Popular Science, TIME and The Washington Post.

Originally from the United States, Brian now lives in The Netherlands.