Harvard Business School

Scott Snook

Scott Snook, an Associate Professor at Harvard Business School, is a leading expert in leadership development.

After graduating with honors from West Point, he served in various positions in the US Army Corps of Engineers, attaining the rank of Colonel before retiring in 2002 from the post of Academy Professor in the Behavioral Sciences and Leadership Department at the United States Military Academy. He was also director of West Point’s Center for Leadership and Organizations Research. He has led soldiers in combat, and was decorated with the Legion of Merit and Master Parachutist badge.

He has an MBA (High Distinction) from Harvard Business School, and a Ph.D. from Harvard University in Organizational Behavior. His books include Friendly Fire and Practical Intelligence in Everyday Life.
Thanks to his experience in the Army, Scott Snook sheds a new light on leadership in chaotic and complex situations where the rapidity of decision making and the capacity to rally people are essential to success.