Develop Your Emotional Intelligence with Gill Hasson!

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Emotional intelligence is one of the key soft skills that can help you thrive in the digital era. Nowadays, being clever, talented and skilled is not enough to be successful and lead a fulfilling personal and professional life. It’s your ability to manage your feelings, other people and your interactions with them that makes the real difference.

This program will guide you through the process of developing your EQ.

It will show you the way to better understand and manage both your own emotions and those of others. Instead of thinking of emotions as positive or negative, you will learn that all emotions have a positive intent—they have our best interests in mind, which is why you need to listen to them and manage them properly. This will enable you to think more clearly and creatively, deal with stress and challenges more effectively, and communicate and collaborate better with others.

See what Gill has to say about her Emotional Intelligence program!

Discover how your leaders can be more effective and thoughtful in their approach!

Gill HassonGill Hasson - Emotional Intelligence is a tutor, trainer and writer; she has over 20 years’ experience teaching, coaching and writing on anything and everything to do with personal development. Gill delivers teaching and training for educational institutions, voluntary and business organizations, and the public sector. Gill’s particular interest and motivation is in helping people to realize their potential and to live their best life!