New Training Program about Connectional Intelligence with Erica Dhawan

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Erica Dhawan

The possibilities of connections are now infinite. We can reach out to people we previously considered out of reach and develop relationships we didn’t think possible. What a great opportunity to tap into the collective intelligence!

In this program, Erica Dhawan shares her research and experience on what she calls “connectional intelligence” which is the ability to consistently deliver breakthrough innovation and results by harnessing the value of relationships and networks. These new connections, forged on a global scale, create unprecedented value and meaning. Virtually anyone can maximize their potential, and achieve breakthrough performance, by developing this crucial ability. It is the best, most efficient, powerful way to supersize any dream and get big things done.

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Discover the 7 key point of this program:

Secrets to retaining top talent

Retaining and engaging top talent has become crucial for today’s organizations. Recognition and financial compensation are not necessarily the most efficient tools. Through the story of Frito-Lay, Erica Dhawan reveals a powerful way to retain and engage talents.

3 ways to make your workforce instantly smarter

The way organizations can tap into different networks both inside and outside the company can help them to be much smarter and therefore achieve much more significant results. Through a story from Colgate, Erica Dhawan reveals 3 ways to solve complex problems more efficiently.

The collaborative advantage

Employee collaboration is a winning advantage as it can differentiate a company from its competitors. That is why a lot of companies are taking staff collaboration levels into consideration during their performance reviews. Erica Dhawan explains what you can do to be more collaborative.

How do you collaborate in unpredictable environments?

The business world is more and more unpredictable which makes it increasingly difficult for companies to collaborate. Nevertheless, in this ever-changing environment, it is key to develop agility in order to collaborate efficiently in any situation. Through the story of the Oreo tweet during the Super Bowl blackout, Erica Dhawan explains how to increase agility.

Networking: quantity or quality?

A lot of individuals and companies are obsessed with the number of connections they have. Still, there is one thing that is more important than quantity and that is quality. This is because if the latter is not there, your connections might be useless. Erica Dhawan lays out her quality criteria and how to improve your own.

Think outside the silo

Thinking outside the silo and tapping into the resources of external stakeholders is a great way to solve a variety of problems. But in order to achieve this, you first need to convince stakeholders to collaborate with you, which is not an easy task. In this SAP case study, Erica Dhawan analyzes how to make this happen.

Killing two birds with 110  million users

The best successes often come by bringing two problems together to design a solution for both. But how can you identify these problems when most of the time they initially seem very different from one another? Duolingo, the language learning game, is a good example of the kind of success that you too can achieve by bringing two problems together.