The Human Advantage series: a deep dive into workplace well-being with Katharina Plamberger, from RHI Magnesita

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Well-being with Katharina Plamberger

For this episode of The Human Advantage podcast series, step into the world of workplace well-being with Katharina Plamberger, global Talent & Development Expert at RHI Magnesita. CrossKnowledge host, Renan dos Santos talks to Katharina about how to drive and support employee well-being in organizations.

With over a decade of experience in crafting strategies that redefine workplaces, Katharina has been spearheading People & Culture initiatives in an international and multicultural setting, all while crafting strategies that fuel both business and personal growth. She is on a mission to create a workplace that’s not just productive but also positive, and she firmly believes that the well-being of employees is the key to sustained success.

If you’re ready to shape a future where work is not just a place to be but a space to thrive, tune in to this episode.  Each insight into the evolution of workplace well-being will help you be the catalyst for transformation at your organization!

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4 Key insights from Katharina Plamberger:

Leadership Alchemy for Well-being
Leaders must integrate team well-being into performance evaluations and treat it as a skill to be developed. Dashboards with specific well-being KPIs like overtime hours or sick days can help. By fostering empathy and creating a psychologically safe environment, leaders can positively impact their teams.

Organizational Design Blueprint
Katharina advises leaders to challenge the norm by re-evaluating meetings and asking critical questions before scheduling. This helps reduce unnecessary stress. She also emphasizes the importance of setting expectations for mentoring and creating less prescriptive job descriptions. By tailoring job roles to individual needs and cultural fit, organizations can promote a healthier work environment.

Culture Champions for Positive Work Culture
Katharina shares the success of implementing a global culture champions network at RHI Magnesita. This initiative focuses on promoting positive work culture, behavior, and moments that matter. The culture champions help integrate well-being practices into the daily lives of employees, creating a positive ripple effect throughout the organization.

Creating L&D and HR Synergy
L&D and HR professionals play a pivotal role in supporting leaders and managers by raising awareness about workplace well-being. They can contribute to leadership development programs, make well-being tangible through accessible resources, and start initiatives like the RHI Mindset Initiative. By fostering a cultural shift, these professionals contribute to a workplace that prioritizes mental health.

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Show notes

(00:02) Introduction of the CrossKnowledge Podcast and the Human Advantage series.(01:46) Renan welcomes Katharina Plamberger, a People & Culture expert from RHI Magnesita, to discuss employee well-being.
(02:08) Katharina’s mission to create a positive and productive workplace.
(03:41) Katharina talks about her reading list, mentioning “The Soul of a Woman” by Isabel Allende and “Celsius” by Mark Ellsberg.
(05:40) Katharina discusses when employee well-being caught her attention, sharing personal experiences during the pandemic and maternity leave.
(10:13) The impact of the pandemic on mental health, especially among women and young adults, and the urgency to focus on well-being.
(11:40) Katharina explains why well-being and mental health are crucial for organizational success, citing increased productivity and decreased stress and burnout.
(14:16) Discussing who should champion well-being in organizations, emphasizing it as a team effort and suggesting leaders become mental health champions.
(18:19) Strategies for promoting well-being, including leadership development, re-evaluating meetings, and adapting job descriptions.
(28:50) The role of L&D and HR professionals in supporting leaders, including raising awareness and tangible initiatives.
(31:58) Advice for someone stepping into an L&D leadership role: understand company strategy, prioritize team building, and create a network within the organization.
(34:53) Renan thanks Katharina for being on the podcast and wishes the audience a healthier and more productive workplace.
(35:23) End of the podcast.

Renan DOS SANTOS - Mental Health Podcast

Renan dos Santos boasts a decade of experience in the exciting world of L&D. He’s been a key player at CrossKnowledge, proudly wearing many hats as a marketer. Renan’s journey has taken him through the vibrant realms of two different countries, where he’s contributed to shaping CrossKnowledge’s narrative in the dynamic landscape of upskilling. He’s passionate about education and a firm believer in the transformative power of learning.
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Katharina Plamberger

Meet Katharina Plamberger, a global Talent & Development Expert currently leading transformative initiatives at RHI Magnesita. With over a decade of diverse experience in Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding, People Development, Leadership Development, and Workplace Wellbeing, Katharina brings a strategic edge to her role. Steering global People & Culture initiatives, she is dedicated to crafting innovative strategies with a sustainable impact, all while fostering community engagement. With a business-focused approach, Katharina goes beyond conventional practices, creating healthy workplaces where individuals thrive, teams excel, and organizations grow positively.
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