CrossKnowledge Wins Three 2021 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in Learning Technology

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Brandon Hall Awards for CrossKnowledge

CrossKnowledge is proud to announce that it has been awarded 3 times in the Learning Technology category:

The pandemic has deeply impacted how people learn. Employees had to acquire new skills almost exclusively through digital learning solutions. At CrossKnowledge, we have seen a 68% increase in overall platform connections. Our product teams rallied to implement relevant platform upgrades to better serve our clients.  As mobile learning usage skyrocketed, our teams launched a complete redesign of our mobile application My Learning.

CrossKnowledge My Learning mobile application helps organizations equip their employees to develop their skills wherever they are, anytime, allowing them to learn at the point of need and at their own pace.  The app’s upgraded user experience and new functionalities have been essential in growing its appeal as more organizations deploy the application for their remote and hybrid learners, seeing it as a natural extension of the global CrossKnowledge experience.

Our developers fully recoded our existing app and launched the new version which we continue to evolve.  My Learning mobile app is as close to native mobile use as it gets; by using familiar phone functionalities we maximize ease of use for an intuitive user journey.

Besides the mobile evolution, learning organizations benefit from other advancements on the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite platform, providing them with new learning capabilities and allowing them to develop impactful learning experiences adapted to the current context. The new capabilities include:

We’d like to congratulate our Product Management and Technology teams for their hard work and market reactivity over the past 12 months, and for their commitment to continuously bring innovative features that better serve our clients.”
Philippe Derouck, Global Brand and Product Marketing Manager, CrossKnowledge.

HCM solution providers must be experts and visionaries in technology, but they also must have the ability to anticipate the diverse needs of employers as they work to adapt to ongoing change. This requires a blend of curiosity, empathy and agility that is difficult to achieve. We have seen an extraordinary level of insight and creativity from our Excellence in Technology winners that has been exciting to see.
Brandon Hall Group Chief Executive Officer Mike Cooke.

Learn more about the awards and the list of winners here.

About CrossKnowledge

CrossKnowledge empowers global organizations to continuously develop a skilled workforce.
Its multi awarded digital learning solution uniquely combines digital content for the most in-demand skills, a powerful learning platform and expert capabilities to create impactful learning experiences.
For over 20 years, CrossKnowledge has been recognized as a partner for effective skill building at scale, with unmatched expertise and accountability thanks to its client success team.​
CrossKnowledge serves 500 clients, reaching 12 million learners. CrossKnowledge is part of Wiley, a leader in Research and Education, ​helping people and organizations develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

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