My Learning For Learning on the Go, CrossKnowledge learning app

My Learning: For Learning on the Go

My Learning, the CrossKnowledge mobile learning app, is designed to help deliver operational efficiency through effective learning, collaboration and sharing. This cutting-edge mobile learning app harnesses the benefits and convenience of mobility to deliver training anywhere, anytime!

Take training to the next level with 
our innovative mobile learning app


Leverage the Full Potential of Mobile Learning

Mobile phones are the fastest growing means for internet connectivity, which is why we designed My Learning.

Access a Pure Blended Learning Experience That's Available Anytime, Anywhere!

Many mobile learning apps on the market today offer only individual learning content, but the My Learning app gives learners the option to complete entire training courses on their mobile, both online and offline, and across all devices.

CrossKnowledge Technologies

Mobile-friendly courses available on any device.

CrossKnowledge Technologies

Encourage collaborative team learning.

CrossKnowledge Technologies

Download and access courses online or offline.

All Courses Are Synchronized Across Multiple Devices for Better Learning Management.

Learners can synchronize their progression within their training paths across all of their devices. Individual progression is consolidated in the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite for better training program management.

CrossKnowledge Technologies

Automatically synchronization across individual devices.

CrossKnowledge Technologies

Real-time progression updates to keep learners on track.

Improving Learner Engagement and Focus Throughout the Learning Process.

Drawing on CrossKnowledge’s expert pedagogical know-how, the My Learning app was created to be the ideal learning companion. With the choice of new training formats and mobile channels, L&D professionals have a wide variety of options to choose from when constructing training paths and courses for their learners.

CrossKnowledge Technologies

Various interactive and social sharing activities for increased engagement.

CrossKnowledge Technologies

Courses and training activities always available for active learners on the go.

What Aspects Are Critical to Know
Before Launching a Mobile Learning App?


“My Learning has really helped us to keep our employees up to date with our latest products and sales approach.”

– Claudia Furtado , International Digital Learning Solutions, L’Occitane