Path to Performance™

Build human skills with Path to Performance™, a collection of carefully curated and guided learning experiences, available off-the-shelf.

Path to Performance™

A structured learning process for deep skill acquisition

Each Path to Performance™ offers a unique learning experience combinin-g several activities, premium content, interaction and interactivity with world class technology, designed to deeply anchor new skills.

Ready for roll-out

Off-the-shelf, packaged training paths for quick and efficient go-live


A distillation of our best learning design

Easy to blend & customize

Experience Path to Performance™ in your graphic environment, and add your own content and activities, reflecting your business specifics and organizational culture.

Path to Performance™: an active learning process that includes several activities

  • A step-by-step learning experience using storytelling techniques and gamification
  • Stimulating immediate on the job practice
  • Social & engaging

56 structured blended paths for deep skill acquisition


  • The Innovator’s Method
  • Dare to Become an Intrapreneur and
    Reap the Benefits
  • Build a Learning Team
  • Take Your Leadership to the Next
  • Keep Your Team Motivated and
  • Design a Winning Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Fulfill The Leadership Contract
  • Rethink Corporate Ethics
  • Boost Your Growth IQ
  • Unleash Curiosity as a Leader for Engagement and Innovation
  • Boost Your Team’s Natural Capacity
    to Solve Complex Problems

Interpersonal Development

  • Make Remote Working Work for You
  • Harness Emotions to Be More Effective
  • Give a Boost to Your Communication
  • Find Your Path Forward in Hybrid
  • Develop Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Unleash Curiosity for Engagement and Innovation
  • Contribute to an Accountable
    Workplace Culture
  • Be an Ally for an Inclusive and
    Equitable Workplace
  • Achieve Dynamite Meetings

Personal Development

  • Improve Your Personal Effectiveness
  • Unlock Your Creative Potential Now
  • Find New Solutions Through
    Design Thinking
  • Effective Time Management
  • Achieve Greater Harmony in Work
    and Life with Mindfulness
  • The Power of Understanding Yourself
  • Ensure Your Mental Health and
    Wellbeing in the Workplace
  • Make Your Professional Reinvention a Success
  • Sharpen Your Critical Thinking
  • Rethink How You Contribute to
    Corporate Ethics
  • Discover Your Natural Capacity to Solve Complex Problems


  • The Finance Tools that Every Manager Needs
  • Master the Fundamentals of Lean Management
  • Master the Essentials of Selling
  • Make Complex Project Management Simple
  • Master the Keys to Digital Marketing
  • Sell Solutions, Not Products
  • Manage Your Key Accounts like a Champion
  • Help Your team Be More Customer-Focused
  • Attract and Retain Top Talent
  • Strategies for Effective Talent Management
  • Create a Great Customer Experience
  • Maximize the Potential of Your Sales Team


  • Build a Fearless Team
  • Take Your Team to the Next Level of Performance
  • Foster a Happy Workplace
  • Get the Best out of a Remote Team
  • Make Hybrid Working a Success
  • Succeed as a First-Time Manager
  • Shift to Management 3.0
  • Get Your Team Working Together
  • Make Performance Reviews Mean Something
  • Add Coaching to Your Management Style
  • The Sweaty, Stubborn, Human Path to Excellence
  • Ensure the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Your Employees
  • Develop a Culture of Accountability