Honoris United Universities Chooses CrossKnowledge to Support the Development of Skills for the 21st Century

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CrossKnowledge is proud to support Honoris United Universities, the first and largest pan-African private higher education network, in the development of the Honoris 21st Century Skills Certificate, established to increase the employability of its students by equipping them with the digital and behavioral skills needed to compete in the new world of work in the 21st century for Its 57,000 Students.

Skills developed through 100% Digital Learning

This program, which is accessed entirely online, will train students in the eight skills most in-demand by employers: behavioral intelligence, creativity & design thinking, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, coding, data analytics and entrepreneurship.

For this one-of-a-kind program, Honoris United Universities has chosen CrossKnowledge as a Digital Learning partner. CrossKnowledge was selected for the flexibility and robustness of its technology platform, in addition to the quality and congruence of CrossKnowledge digital content to the objectives of the Honoris program.

The collaboration with Honoris United Universities perfectly reflects CrossKnowledge’s mission: to help schools train their students and businesses to continuously develop their employees so that they are agile, efficient and have the skills required for the 21st century.

Grégory Vienne, Account Director, CrossKnowledge

We have benefited from CrossKnowledge’s experience in all fields of digital learning to create this new certificate that will help equip the continent’s talents for the world of work to come.

Laura Kalon, Director of Strategy and growth at Honoris United Universities

For the module that is dedicated to coding and data, the Academic Council of Honoris has selected Le Wagon, a coding school that offers short and intensive coding bootcamps.

A unique program combining the best soft skills and digital skills

The program consists of four 25-hour modules that cover personal, social, digital and entrepreneurial skills, and will be fully integrated into the curriculum of Honoris member institutions. A badge is earned at the end of each module, and a certificate of completion is awarded at the end of each course.

The Honoris 21st Century Skills Certificate is issued using blockchain technology, which guarantees employers the authenticity of the certificate. From Casablanca to Capetown, from Tunis to Abuja, the Honoris network consists of 14 institutions, representing 70 campuses and training centers in 10 countries and 32 cities. The 57,000 students in the community can benefit from access to this one-of-a-kind degree.

About Honoris United Universities

Honoris United Universities is the first and largest pan-African private higher education network committed to educating the next generation of African leaders and professionals able to impact regionally in a globalized world. Collaborative intelligence, cultural agility and mobile mind-sets and skills are at the heart of Honoris’ vision of higher education. Honoris United Universities joins the expertise of its member institutions to develop world-class African human capital that is competitive in today’s fast-paced, demanding and increasingly digitized labor and start-up markets.

Honoris United Universities gathers a community of 57,000 students on 70 campuses, learning centers and via online, in 10 countries and 32 cities. The network counts 14 institutions: multidisciplinary universities, specialized schools, technical and vocational institutes, contact, distance, and online institutions. Students have an opportunity to experience exclusive partnerships and exchange programs in more than 85 universities across Europe and the United States. Over 280 degrees are offered in Medicine, Health Sciences, Engineering, IT, Business, Law, Architecture, Creative Arts and Design, Media, Political Science and Education.
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