Champion High-Impact AI Initiatives with Kavita Ganesan

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A compelling series of videocasts to capture opportunities in artificial intelligence!

Artificial intelligence opens up so many opportunities that it can be intimidating for organizations to know where to start. From analyzing existing processes and software systems and choosing where to apply AI automation, through preparing every tier of the organization for the transition, the process seems daunting for many leaders who may not be data science and AI experts. However, it would be unfortunate for them to overlook the valuable possibilities AI offers, as it has the potential to make operations and decision-making more efficient, employees more productive, and customers delighted.

In this program, Kavita Ganesan sheds light on the true promise of AI and its key applications. She dispels common myths surrounding AI and provides a method for launching AI initiatives that yield tangible results. With real-world AI examples to spark your own ideas, you’ll learn how to identify high-impact AI opportunities, prepare for AI transition, bring your projects to success and measure your AI performance.

Whether you want to jump-start your AI strategy, manage your AI initiatives for better outcomes or simply seek inspiration for your own AI and machine learning applications, you’ll be equipped to craft your blueprint for AI success.

Kavita Ganesan - AI

Kavita Annapoorani Ganesan is a Malaysian-born author, data scientist and AI consultant acclaimed for her research in the fields of artificial intelligencemachine learning and natural language processing.

She is the founder of Opinosis Analytics, an AI, generative AI and machine learning consulting firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Kavita works with teams across the organization to help them integrate AI strategically and get meaningful outcomes from every initiative. She is an internationally recognized, award-winning author of The Business Case for AI: A Leader’s Guide to AI Strategies, Best Practices & Real-World Applications.

With over 15 years’ experience in AI for practical applications and more than 20 years in the tech industry, Kavita has scaled and delivered multiple successful AI initiatives for Fortune 500 companies as well as mid-sized operations and newly funded AI startups. She has, most notably, worked with eBay, 3M, GitHub and McMaster-Carr, and has helped leaders and practitioners around the world through her blog posts, coaching sessions and open-source tools.

Kavita holds degrees from prestigious computer science programs, specifically a Masters from the University of Southern California and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, with a specialization in natural language processing, search technologies and machine learning.

She has been featured in numerous media outlets including Forbes, CEOWORLD magazine, CMSWire, Verizon, SD Times, Techopedia, and tED magazine.