Two new skill paths on intrapreneurship with Dorie Clark

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Developing an intrapreneurial mindset

We are very pleased to announce the delivery of two brand-new Skill Paths on intrapreneurship. Dorie Clark brings her experience and expertise to developing this mindset that is valued more and more in organizations today.

Intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organization. At first sight, this may seem like a contradiction in terms, but there is a strong demand for the entrepreneur’s skills and qualities in organizations because they are key to innovation.

This program gives you the keys to intrapreneurial success by helping you proactively look for ways to challenge yourself, take controlled risks, take ownership of your projects, build your vision and be accountable for your results, at the same time taking charge of your professional development and career. You will be better equipped to take business initiatives within your company and to accomplish these initiatives in a more creative, productive and effective way.

The path to sharper creative thinking

Two Skill Paths to bring an entrepreneurial spirit into your organization.

  1. Develop an Intrapreneurial Mindset: Entrepreneurs are often admired for their creativity and ability to get impressive results with limited resources. What is behind their approach and how can it be adapted for those hoping to achieve the same results while working in larger and more traditional organizations? This course provides a framework for harnessing such a mindset and applying it to your own projects.
  2. Take an Intrapreneurial Approach to Your Development and Career: Entrepreneurs are known for their independence and bold, offbeat approach—and such methods can also be invaluable for improving how we tackle our professional development, advance in our careers and serve our organizations better at the same time. This course shows how and helps you plan your next steps.

These two Skill Paths are already available in US English and French. They will be available in Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, German and Italian in July.