Jason Womack’s Skill Paths on accountability are now available online

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Jason Womack - Accountability

Organizations today suffer from an increasing lack of accountability that has severe consequences on collaboration and productivity. Our response? Three brand new Skill Paths on accountability that we have developed with leadership expert Jason Womack.

These Skill Paths offer solutions for both employees and managers, so that everyone can contribute to developing a culture of accountability.

Three actionable courses for increasing individual and collective accountability

The skill paths feature a wealth of stories, ideas, tips, activities, and tools to help you become truly accountable and help your colleagues do the same!

Jason Womack - AccountabilityJason W. Womack is an international speaker and leadership coach. He is the CEO and founder of The Jason Womack Company, whose mission is to guide companies and their employees to be more productive, accountable, and successful. He is dedicated to helping individual contributors, entrepreneurs, and executives work effectively and efficiently to ensure they have the time, energy, and focus to achieve more both in work and in life. He is the author of Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More, in which he offers techniques to incrementally and consistently improve performance. More recently, he published Get Momentum: How to Start When You’re Stuck, co-written with his wife Jodi Womack. In this book, they share a powerful and personalized process for improving your life and advancing your career.