We’re Reshaping the Landscape of Corporate Learning

CrossKnowledge is reshaping learning and how companies deliver and share learning and knowledge.
Every person in our international workforce is motivated to be part of a company that thrives on innovative digital technology, expert-driven learning content, and consulting that is offered in partnership with our clients.

Maybe you belong to a company that’s creating an approachable method of digital learning that’s helping strategic leaders rethink learning and knowledge — and how they can deliver measurable business results.

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Career opportunities

As a Wiley company, CrossKnowledge is part of a leading global provider of content and services for the academic, professional, scientific, technical, medical, scholarly, and consumer markets.

Wiley is an equal opportunity employer, committed to attracting and retaining a talented and diverse workforce and fostering an environment in which all colleagues are valued and can enjoy professional success.

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A Mission to Keep Companies Competitive in a Constantly Changing World

The constantly accelerating speed of technology along with the ever-expanding means of obtaining and sharing information, make it increasingly challenging for any company to stay competitive. Companies find themselves reinventing their economic model while at the same time their entire business strategy is being called into question.

Business today demands:

Focusing on clients
rather than products

Truly empowering front-line
and operational people

Innovating continuously,
rather than in bursts

Connecting people

Working in networks,
rather than as solitary individuals

Sharing a vision

Having a shared vision company-wide
to increase teamwork

CrossKnowledge is dedicated to helping companies ensure that their teams possess the skills that are essential to the organization’s future, and help companies retain and continue to develop their people. We believe it’s essential to pique people’s taste for change and interest in learning, and we help companies do that, too.

We are focused on helping companies stay at the forefront of new businesses and new markets.
We meet all of these challenges with a learning solution that puts into action policies that are designed to help employees acquire and continually hone reactive, individual, and international skills.

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Values Based on a Passion for Learning and Meeting the Needs of Others

CrossKnowledge is obsessed with leading the pack by constantly exploring the needs of the market and our clients — and moving beyond the status quo to satisfy those needs. That’s why we never stop learning and are always using our experience and design-driven approach to see beyond what other companies might do. In short, we adopt the same learning mentality here as we aim to instill in others.

For example at Next Conference every year our clients are inspired by renowned thought leaders, peers and CrossKnowledge experts to improve their future learning practices.

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