Enrich your offering on your Cornerstone portal with CrossKnowledge programs​

Cornerstone On Demand CrossKnowledge HRIS connector

Our standard connector

Take full advantage of our extensive range of programs and solutions​

Enrich your learning catalog and offer your learners the best learning experience in your Cornerstone Learning environment with CrossKnowledge’s extensive range of human and leadership skills programs at scale:​

  • Blended learning paths​
  • Corporate academies to support your business priorities​
  • Quality content developed with our Faculty of experts

Build and distribute effective and engaging learning experiences

Empower your subject-matter experts to create their own blended learning paths and capability academies using our blended learning technologies, and seamlessly bring them over to your Cornerstone portal. ​

Enhance efficiency and reduce manual effort, as we synchronize your CrossKnowledge solutions and your learner data.​

Ensure seamless access for your learners

Your learners connect seamlessly through Single Sign-On, on desktop and mobile.​

Make data-driven decisions

Achieve a deeper understanding of the effects of your learning initiatives, enabling data-driven decision-making: our connector automatically synchronizes the user progress & tracking to your Cornerstone customer portal.​

Leveraging Cornerstone Content Delivery System
and CrossKnowledge APIs
Infographic Cornerstone integration

Leveraging CSOD CDS, a robust API-based standard connector to synchronize your learners, catalog and tracking.