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Our content includes the widest range of courses for today’s most critical organizational learning needs. Business and management skills. Digital learning. Leadership excellence. IT experience. Policies and compliance knowledge and control.

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Our proven learning solutions are built on a foundation of rich, current, and insightful content from thought leaders who know their stuff like no one else.

Created by top thought leaders and experts worldwide

Designed in concert with you to meet your organization’s unique needs

Working with you, we engage your employees so they not only retain what they learn, but put their knowledge to work in ways that will transform your organization — and themselves.


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Path to Performance: Focused Content Combined with
State-of-the-Art Technology to Maximize Learner Impact

Path to Performance™ delivers specially selected content and learning technology formats to address a specific learning topic (e.g., performance reviews) or the needs of a targeted audience (e.g., first-time managers).


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A Faculty of World-Class Thought Leaders
to Deliver Business Success

The depth and scope of the CrossKnowledge library is brought to life through the skills and experience of its authors — our faculty. We’ve recruited leading international experts from the world’s top business schools, including Harvard, Wharton, NYU Stern School of Business, and USC.

 “CrossKnowledge has become our preferred supplier because of the quality of their content. We like how it is created, delivered, and the fact that it’s regularly updated”

– Head of Corporate Learning Management at Henkel


We Designed an International Blended Learning Program for HENKEL  

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Diversified Learning Formats
Ensure Program Flexibility

CrossKnowledge is always thinking mobile-first and constantly pushing learning innovation to new levels to meet the widest range of learning goals. You and your employees benefit from learning formats designed and proven specifically to:

Curated content libraries available to your workforce on any device

Inspire learning and engage learners: CrossKnowledge Videocasts are very short videos (maximum 3 minutes) that utilize storytelling to ensure engagement. Their questions at the end make sure the learner contextualizes what they have learned. Take a closer look >>

We offer responsive content libraries in multiple languages | CrossKnowledge

Provide key concepts of management and leadership: CrossKnowledge Sessions are short digital learning modules targeting measurable skill acquisition in all fields of management, leadership and personal effectiveness. Take a closer look >>

We develop customized content for the ultimate learning ecosystem | CrossKnowledge Action Tips

Deliver on-the-spot training for dealing with situations, challenges, or behavior: CrossKnowledge Essentials allows users access to the fundamentals of management. It helps learners grasp the essence of the best management practices quickly. Take a closer look >>

Our customized content merges with our mobile solutions to increase engagement

Impact behavior and generate action: with the CrossKnowledge Action Tips, you can easily put principles and theories into practice.Take a closer look >>

Our content libraries encourage knowledge sharing within your workforce

Measure skills acquisition: CrossKnowledge Self-Assessments allow the level of an individual to be evaluated on any given theme, in terms of both knowledge and practical skills.Take a closer look >>


CrossKnowledge recognized as one of the best providers in the 2019 “Top 20 Online Learning Library List” by