Interpersonal Leadership

Accept and Respond Productively to Feedback

Course time 39 min
Accountability in Leadership: Fulfill Your Obligations as a Leader - CrossKnowledge Skill Path

We all know the type of person to whom it is hard to give feedback. How will they respond? Will they get angry? Or ignore the feedback entirely? Is it worth even trying? Nobody wants to be that type of person, so in this course we’ll look at how to be the opposite: someone that people have no qualms about offering useful feedback to. It’s a wonderful power to have, because those who actually do accept and respond well to feedback can use it to get way ahead of everyone else.

This course delves into the necessary self-reflection and strategies for responding productively.

Expected outcomes

Accept and process feedback

Respond productively to feedback

Ability to productively, calmly, and politely take in feedback and put it to good use

Developed by

Marshall Goldsmith: Leadership coaching- CrossKnowledge Faculty


  • Interpersonal Leadership

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