Interpersonal Leadership

Avoid the 20 Bad Habits that Will Crimp Your Leadership

Course time 42 min
Avoid the 20 Bad Habits that Will Crimp Your Leadership

Yes, leaders are prone to bad habits, just like everyone else. And there are 20 bad habits that are particularly common among people in places of leadership. These can make leaders less effective for their organizations and destroy team motivation. They thus prevent leaders from getting to the next level. Fortunately, fixing these bad habits can be a simple way to make huge strides in improving one’s leadership abilities.

This course explores what these bad habits are, and helps leaders identify their own habits and commit to change.

Expected outcomes

The 20 bad habits holding back leaders

Identify your own bad leadership habits

Stronger leadership, a more motivated team, and a better chance of climbing the leadership ladder

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Marshall Goldsmith: Leadership coaching- CrossKnowledge Faculty


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