New Training Program on “Altruism in Business” with Matthieu Ricard

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Crossknowledge Faculty member Matthieu Ricard talks about altruism in business in a new series of 23 exclusive resources.

In this inspiring new series, Matthieu Ricard offers a compelling vision for organizations. He explains how altruism is by no means a weakness, but rather a true strength for people and companies in the modern economy.

The training program in detail:

Each content is avaliable in 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese and Italian.

Make space for altruism in your business

Matthieu Ricard explains why bringing an altruistic dimension to your business will help attract and retain motivated talent.

Truly helping others

Matthieu warns, don’t become overwhelmed by others’ distress. Instead, be aware of how they are feeling and take action to help them.

Being kind is being strong

Matthieu Ricard underlines that being kind to others is by no means a weakness but rather a strength, and that it can change things significantly.

Neutralize conflict

Matthieu Ricard reminds us that it takes two to tango when it comes to conflict. Firm but calm behavior can break the vicious cycle of confrontation.

Unconditional cooperation

While one must recognize that inter-company competition is part of the game, within a company, there can only be room for unconditional cooperation.

Being a role model in kindness

Matthieu Ricard invites us to become trendsetters… and to create an atmosphere of kindness and cooperation at work.

Feeling the warm glow

Matthieu Ricard is clear about one thing: you’ll feel great helping others if you truly do so for the other person and not for yourself. No altruism, no warm glow.

Do all you can and let go

As long as you do the best you can, says Matthieu Ricard, you should have no regrets about what you didn’t manage to accomplish.

Be detached

Don’t get addicted to whatever is causing you suffering, warns Matthieu Ricard. Let it go!

Building things together

Don’t obsess about all the ways in which you’re different from the people you work with, advises Matthieu Ricard. Focus on their qualities and what you can build together.

Women and the need for cooperation

Matthieu Ricard emphasizes that women should take on a more prominent role in order to help soothe tensions in the workplace and in society at large.

Serving as a leader

Matthieu Ricard delivers his personal definition of a leader: a servant!

The accessible leader

The first virtue of a good leader, says Matthieu Ricard, is accessibility.

Getting to know your people

Matthieu Ricard advises us to avoid superficial relationships with team members. Instead, we should really get to know them in order to motivate them and make the most of their talents.

Avoiding burnout in your team

For Matthieu Ricard, having no control over your work environment often leads to burnout. Therefore, you should leave room for your team members to express their creativity. Matthieu will give you some tips on how you can go about this.

The manager’s burnout

Like everyone, managers can face burnout. Very often, according to Matthieu, such burnout stems from a need to control everything. Defining your vision and then asking your team to work by themselves might be the solution.

Developing caring mindfulness

Taking the time to clear your mind and to generate positive thoughts about the people in your workplace can have two great advantages:

The caring economy

Matthieu Ricard calls for the rise of what he calls a “caring economy” to preserve our future.

Look beyond immediate profit

Immediate profit isn’t the be-all and end-all for your organization. Matthieu Ricard reminds you that your business has a larger, threefold responsibility…

Cooperation requires trust

Without trust, warns Matthieu Ricard, collaboration and performance cannot flourish.

The importance of context

Human behavior, either good or bad, is often determined by the context in which people find themselves. That’s why you should pay great attention to the work environment you create around you, advises Matthieu Ricard.

The importance of face-to-face communication

Human interaction involves many subtle cues, recalls Matthieu Ricard, which is why face-to-face communication is so important.

Give your team the scope to be caring

Matthieu Ricard invites you to give the people you work with the opportunity to make a contribution towards caring for the environment.