Discover Our Brand New Skill Paths for Soft Skills Acquisition

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Skill Paths offer learners the most advanced and up-to-date learning experience, built with our Blendedˣ technology.

They are right-sized training paths to fit into the learner’s busy agenda with a maximum duration of 45 minutes.

To make this experience enjoyable, meaningful, and result-oriented, each Skill Path relies on a mix of:

Every skill path focuses on a very specific soft skill (ex: active listening, assertiveness…)
Skill paths can also be displayed in a Learning Channel, for seamless access.
The first 32 Skill Paths are available right now!

By the end of the year, we plan to cover the full spectrum of Leadership, Management, Interpersonal and Personal Development skillsets.

List of available Skill Paths


  • Take On the Leadership Contract
  • Be a Deliberate Leader
  • Fulfill Your Obligations as a Leader
  • Be Up to the Hard Work of Leadership
  • Be a Community Builder
  • Avoid the 20 Bad Habits that Will Crimp Your Leadership
  • Ask for Feedback to Pave the Way to Self-Improvement
  • Accept and Respond Productively to Feedback
  • Involve Your Colleagues in Your Improvement
  • Be Accountable for Your Growth as a Leader


  • Resolve Tension
  • Give Constructive Feedback
  • Understand and Assess Psychological Safety
  • Recognize Silencing Mechanisms
  • Set the Stage for Psychological Safety
  • Harness the Benefits of Psychological Safety
  • Invite Participation
  • Respond Productively
  • Make Excellence Your Mantra
  • Put People First
  • Excel at Innovation
  • Add Value Like Only Humans Can
  • Forge a Path to Leadership Excellence


  • Be Assertive
  • Be Aware of the Influence of Perception Filters
  • Hone Your Active Listening
  • Make Decisions Collaboratively
  • Take Stock of Your Professional Life and Possibilities
  • Dream Up Your Own Career Path
  • Connect Your Past to Your Goals through Narrative
  • Reintroduce the New Professional You
  • Harness Learning for Continuous Advancement