CrossKnowledge uncovers its new reporting experience

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Detailed reporting for deeper analysis

Dozens of new and improved reporting visualizations, the ability to export data directly from them, and a wide range of filtering capabilities await you. Starting today, analyzing data to build actionable insights will be easier than ever. Let’s take a look at our brand new capabilities!

Ready-to-share visualizations to understand the big picture!

With the release of 6 dashboards, you will get access to a wide range of graphs and data points to understand learner activity and engagement, the attractiveness and awareness of your platform, and the performance of your programs. Make better-informed decisions to adjust and improve your learning experience and strategy with key descriptive data at a glance, from aggregated to more granular.

Expanded filtering capabilities

Get exactly the data you need with our brand new filtering capabilities. They allow you much more flexibility and precision in your analysis and include dozens of categories, like training chapters, publisher, session status, learner ID, and many more! And to make sure you can contextualize your analysis within your organization, they now also include custom fields!

Detailed reports for deeper analysis

Another new feature is the ability to dig deeper into any of the visualizations by exporting granular data to understand the underlying causes of the patterns you see, essentially giving you access to dozens of new and granular reports. This, of course, comes on top of over 30 reports already available in the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite before.

Support for entity partitioning

We have built this solution to be compatible with entity partitioning, which allows you to ensure a complete separation between the data of different entities when the option is activated, so that administrators who have access to a limited audience only see the data they should see. Put your mind at ease with this added level of data security!

If you want to learn more and see a full demonstration of this new solution, don’t hesitate to request a demo!