Over 70 new skill paths are now available!

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The CrossKnowledge Team is happy to announce that over 70 new skill paths are now available.

These last few months we have been working to bring you a full solution to upskill your employees in high demand people and business skills. Encompassing relevant skills like Psychological Safety, Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Fulfilling the Leadership Contract, or even Reinventing Yourself. These skill paths are engaging, participatory, and impactful. They are designed to increase your employees’ performance and well-being, as they adjust to working at home, while some prepare their return to the office.

A new important milestone in presenting you a full solution to upskill your employees on high in demand people and business skills.

Here’s a glimpse of how relevant they are and how they will increase your employees’ performance and well-being, given the circumstances:

These skill paths are already available in English and French (and coming as from September in British English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese).
Our sales and client success teams will be more than happy to teach you more about these skill paths and how they can be deployed to answer your most critical business and learning needs.

List of New Skill Paths


  • Understand Critical Thinking in the Tech Age
  • Set a Foundation for Critical Thinking
  • Strengthen Your Arguments Through Reasoning
  • Spot Holes in Reasoning
  • Take an Open Approach to Others’ Arguments
  • Express Ideas Persuasively
  • Manage Your Time and Attention for Clearer Thinking
  • Make Decisions Collaboratively
  • Understand Mindfulness
  • Achieve Mindful Awareness and Acknowledgement
  • Work Toward Mindful Acceptance
  • Enable Progress by Letting Go
  • Approach Life with Beginner’s Mind
  • Achieve Stronger Focus and Engagement
  • Be Non-Judgemental
  • Practice Mindful Patience
  • Work From Home
  • Recognize the Factors in Time-Wasting
  • Take Stock of Your Professional Life and Possibilities
  • Dream Up Your Own Career Path
  • Connect Your Past to Your Goals through Narrative
  • Reintroduce the New Professional You
  • Harness Learning for Continuous Advancement


  • Be Assertive
  • Build Self-Confidence Through Assertiveness
  • Be Aware of the Influence of Perception Filters
  • Hone Your Active Listening
  • Ask Questions
  • Make Effective Requests
  • Amaze Your Customers
  • Manage Client Dissatisfaction
  • Resolve Tension
  • Understand Emotional Intelligence
  • Deal with Your Own Emotions
  • Deal with Others’ Emotions
  • Develop a Positive Outlook
  • Harness Empathy
  • Craft Effective Messages with Empathy
  • Discover Your Negotiating Style
  • Communicate Remotely Across Cultures
  • Ensure a Client-Oriented Staff


  • Take Up the Challenge of Change
  • Take On the Leadership Contract
  • Be a Deliberate Leader
  • Fulfill Your Obligations as a Leader
  • Be Up to the Hard Work of Leadership
  • Be a Community Builder
  • Avoid the 20 Bad Habits that Will Crimp Your Leadership
  • Ask for Feedback to Pave the Way to Self-Improvement
  • Accept and Respond Productively to Feedback
  • Involve Your Colleagues in Your Improvement
  • Be Accountable for Your Growth as a Leader


  • Give Constructive Feedback
  • Make Excellence Your Mantra
  • Put People First
  • Excel at Innovation
  • Add Value Like Only Humans Can
  • Forge a Path to Leadership Excellence
  • Understand and Assess Psychological Safety
  • Recognize Silencing Mechanisms
  • Harness the Benefits of Psychological Safety
  • Set the Stage for Psychological Safety
  • Invite Participation
  • Respond Productively