Another giant joins the CrossKnowledge Faculty: introducing Tom Peters

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Tom Peters is the co-author of In Search of Excellence — the book that changed the way the world does business and has frequently been acclaimed as the best business book ever.

In 2017 Tom received the Thinkers50 Lifetime Achievement Award, presented to him by Charles Handy, another key CrossKnowledge Faculty member and leading management thinker.

Tom has dedicated his whole life to the pursuit of excellence and has 18 books and 3,000 lectures in more than 60 countries to show for it.

In his trademark in-your-face style, via this new series called The Sweaty, Stubborn, Human Path to Excellence, Tom demonstrates how and why a personal and collective commitment to excellence at all levels can help you thrive in the digital era and overcome any tech tsunamis. His key mantras are obsessive attention to execution, putting people first, and the importance of mastering soft skills for a more innovative, value-adding workplace.

This series will leave its mark on everyone!