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3 Questions with Erhan Feridun of K2C

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Ehran Feridun - K2C

K2C is a Turkish company in business for over seven years. They offer blended learning solutions to organizations based on their needs, using an experienced team of experts, global business partners, and high-performing content that’s focused on Leadership Development, Culture and Change, and Sales and Customer Management. Istanbul-based K2C has received more than 20 Brandon Hall awards for its blended learning projects.

1. What can you tell us about your market?

With a population of 85 million, Turkey is 11th in the world in terms of economic size and 70% of this population is under 40 years old. With this large domestic economy plus easy to access international markets, it makes the corporate learning industry larger but more challenging. With local and international key players in the e-learning business, our market offers great opportunities but is also highly comptetitive. K2C competes with almost all of the main multinational LMS providers and content companies. These days, especially after COVID, we are seeing more companies start to invest in distance learning. We are now looking at new markets, as most of our multinational clients are using our solutions in different geographies. Countries like Azerbaijan, Romania and similar regional opportunities are now a main priority.

In general, there are two types of clients in our market. The first type is more focused on having an LMS platform with multiple functionalities. The other group is more focused on the content and solutions, and how this can help them increase business results and close skills gaps. In general we see that the biggest demand in our market has been and still remains skills development for Management and Leadership. Blended learning in particular is preferred for these types of programs.

2. What is K2C’s unique offer to your customers?

At K2C, we always prefer to differentiate ourselves with outstanding services and personal client relationships. Our technology, content and training experiences are more or less the same for each of our clients. What’s most appreciated, however, is how we use our expertise to make their life easier by anticipating their questions and needs, responding to challenges, and helping them feel secure and comfortable. In order to drive these high quality client services, we focus mainly on learner engagement. In fact, a key role in our company is our Learner Engagement Consultant.

We have also invested in a detailed analysis and reporting solution to ensure the best monitoring possible of our projects and provide the reactivity needed in order to increase learner engagement levels. Thanks to this business intelligence solution, our clients can easily monitor their projects anytime, make faster decisions, and take immediate actions —all resulting in an impressive return on their investments. While our clients will always be focused on results, they expect to be guided with data and a personalized consultative approach.

3. Why did you select CrossKnowledge as your Partner and how has this partnership contributed to your success ?

K2C was established as a Blended Learning company seven years ago and this is our sixth year with CrossKnowledge. Very early on, we realized that we needed to partner with a learning provider that offered state-of-the-art technology and best-in-class content so that we could provide clients with the best training experiences possible.

Technology and content are the tools we use to design and deliver the best learning solutions in order to help employees acquire new skills. But we have always proposed learning outcomes to our clients, not just technological features. In order to help learners aquire a skill, we focus on practice and reinforcement as well as blended learning formats. CrossKnowledge is a company that puts a priority on pedagogy and the process of how learners learn. They are experts in digital learning but also combine face-to-face learning experiences with an opportunity to focus on performance coaching, which is highly beneficial to clients. These are the many reasons why CrossKnowledge was and still is the best match for us.

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About Erhan Feridun

Erhan Feridun is one of the founders and consultants at K2C. With a degree in Economics from Istanbul University, he started his consultancy career at Arthur Andersen and then moved on to working for multinational companies such as Pepsi Cola, Heidelberg Cement, Klöckner, Thyseen and Lundbeck. He joined the Heidelberg Cement Group in 2002 as finance manager and AMA_MCE Turkey – MCT in 2005 as CFO and Board Member responsible for Turkey and the Middle East region. Erhan has also coached and consulted on “Finance for the Non-Finance”, “Insights Behavior Profile”, “Management Fundamentals”, “Crisis and Risk Management” in Turkey and the Middle East region. In 2008, he founded the Microsoft Partner Development Center, and currently provides board of directors consultancy to companies providing professional services in Turkey.