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49 Tools for Learning & Development: the Must-Read Book for L&D Pros

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Book cover of 49 Tools for Learning and Development

CrossKnowledge is proud to be a sponsor of the new book by Jan Rijken and Nick van Dam, 49 Tools for Learning & Development, which is quickly becoming the must-read book for L&D pros.

If you’re an L&D professional, you face a rapidly changing industry and endless daily challenges. It’s an exciting time and the technology of L&D is constantly evolving, but you probably need help staying on the cutting edge of today’s best practices. 49 Tools for Learning & Development, a book written by two former CLOs with more than twenty years of experience in the industry, Jan Rijken and Nick van Dam, is perfect for L&D pros in almost any position and at any stage of their career. It suggests relevant and useful tools with advice on how to apply them effectively to overcome the most common challenges of your profession.

The pandemic has heightened the need to transform L&D from a transactional activity to a transformative one; you need state-of-the-art tools, frameworks, and models to deliver learning with real impact. This resource lets you quickly and easily select a tool for your immediate need and quickly implement it. 49 Tools offers practical guidance in short, focused bursts of three to six pages.

Each of the 49 tools addresses one urgent and relevant everyday challenge divided across six vital categories:

Based on hard data and real science, 49 Tools for Learning & Development offers practical, time-saving techniques that you can use on a daily basis.

About the authors:

Jan Rijken
Learning Director, CrossKnowledge

As Crossknowledge Learning Director, Jan provided strategic advice to L&D leaders and conducts research. He is a recognized L&D thought leader, regularly publishing articles and is passionate about connecting L&D professionals. In addition, Jan is a visiting professor at IE business school and a former CLO at KPMG, ABN-AMRO & Daimler.

Nick van Dam
Human Resources and Organizational Behavior

Dr. Nick van Dam is a well-known thought leader, adviser, researcher, author, and speaker on learning innovations and leadership development. Nick has over 30 years of business experience with McKinsey & Company, Deloitte as well as Siemens. As an advisor, he has served more than 100 clients around the world. Nick is a full professor at Nyenrode Business Universiteit (The Netherlands), as well as an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He is affiliated with McKinsey as a Senior Advisor. He has authored and co-authored more than 25 books and numerous articles on innovations in learning and leadership development.

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