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A valuable partner for success: collaboration with Carrefour

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Adilson Borgès - CLO Carrefour

Adilson Borgès, Chief Learning Officer, details Carrefour’s success at launching an e-learning platform that reached widespread success and surpassed previous organizational milestones. For Borgès, the adventure is far from over because collaboration with CrossKnowledge offers much more than simple solution-oriented project planning. Find out why he wholeheartedly recommends the company and their collaborative strategy.

More than a collaboration—a partnership

CrossKnowledge aided Carrefour in achieving success and reaching the ambitious e-learning goals set out by the organization. According to Adilson Borgès “the CrossKnowledge teams helped us reach incredible milestones in terms of digital learning.” Rather than acting as an outside service, the CrossKnowledge teams were involved in brainstorming and analysing every challenge from the inside out. From increasing views to improving user interaction, Borgès feels this is just the beginning of a stellar learning experience. What best embodied the relationship with CrossKnowledge was “true partnership”, which he acknowledged can be hard to find on the marketplace today.

An unparalleled level of involvement

For Borgès, CrossKnowledge went beyond simply offering solutions; they worked alongside the company to help them reach success. The two companies nurtured a mutual relationship while heavily involved in overcoming the learning challenges faced by the organization. By placing their teams on the same end as Carrefour, CrossKnowledge sought to deeply understand their issues as shared problems. This resulted in a solid partnership that pushed Carrefour towards surefire success. It’s one of the main reasons why Borgès recommends CrossKnowledge without reservation, for their commitment to making the learning experience extraordinary.

The CrossKnowledge–Carrefour relationship is better qualified as a partnership than a collaboration. Beyond merely offering solutions, CrossKnowledge strived to build a continuing relationship with the retailer and their commitment exemplifies a true dedication to a successful learning experience.