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Collaborative feedback for an innovative solution, the Lee Hecht Harrison partnership

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Helen Symes - LHH

Hear SVP Talent & Leadership Development Helen Symes talk about her successful collaboration with CrossKnowledge and the Blendedx Platform. From launch to international expansion, learn why she recommends CrossKnowledge to anyone looking to launch, grow, and perfect a highly successful digital learning experience.

From in-house development to cross-company collaboration

After a challenging start with in-house e-learning development, the company Lee Hecht Harrison, part of the Adecco Group, sought an external partnership to carry out the project in a collaborative atmosphere. CrossKnowledge assisted the company in creating a complete learning experience with its Blendedx Platform. Starting with the launch, the digital learning solution was paired with a face-to-face classroom experience, making for a holistic learning environment that would expand to multiple locations and be adapted into over 11 languages. This durable partnership enabled the company to succeed at every step of the way, while also benefiting from the opinions of industry and technology experts.

CrossKnowledge’s Collaborative Role

For Helen Symes, collaborative, future-focused, and innovative are the words that best describe CrossKnowledge. For Lee Hecht Harrison, this new collaboration for talent and leadership development was a welcomed change from previously wayward in-house development. Symes recommends Blendedx for its cutting-edge, user-friendly integration, and particularly appreciates the continued assistance and shared growth afforded by the partnership. She found that “balancing ideas off of other industry experts […] and having a technology we develop and harness ourselves” were just some of the major advantages of the collaboration. In addition to receiving a turnkey solution, her teams went on to product usage, and custom-tailor the solution for an exceptional user experience.

Beyond offering development and deployment, CrossKnowledge acted as a partner, offering support at all project stages and collaborating to leverage their expertise, resulting in an exceptional digital learning experience.