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The key to empowering your middle managers

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Managers - Learning from the middle

The role of managers in modern businesses has changed, making them more important than ever. They’re not only expected to lead their teams but to lead up, down, and across the organization. Like mini-CEOs, modern managers are charged with driving business success, engaging teams, and rallying cross-functional employees.

For these busy frontline leaders, self-paced learning isn’t enough to meet their needs for skills development. With the emergence of hybrid and remote work, it can be difficult or impossible to gather learners together in one room. Additionally, specialized university programs that exist outside your organization’s learning ecosystem can be costly while offering mixed effectiveness. How can you effectively meet the learning needs of your frontline managers? The answer is facilitated learning.

How managers can get to the next level with facilitated learning

Facilitated learning offers a more effective way to train your managers by combining self-paced learning with live group facilitation sessions that reinforce competencies and help managers apply new skills on the job. These facilitated group sessions maximize the effectiveness of the self-directed portions, letting managers master new business skills with their cohorts. It also allows for consistent application across the organization.

But the benefits of facilitated learning for managers are far greater than just its effectiveness.

In Conclusion

New ways of working demand new ways of learning and developing frontline managers. As digital transformation transitions into a more human-centric business revolution, managers are more important than ever. Considering the deep impact that they have on organizational culture and business performance, facilitated learning is a powerful and impactful way to give your managers the collaborative and business skills they need to excel in their jobs.

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With our many years of experience at the very forefront of digital learning practice, CrossKnowledge offers a blended learning experience that is unparalleled. It combines both self-directed and live facilitated group sessions, building a collaborative and accountable environment that improves engagement, creates human connections, and enables long-term behavioral change. With CrossKnowledge and facilitated learning, your frontline leaders will have all the tools they need to succeed.