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Honest and transparent teamwork, the Innogy story

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The Innogy Story

People Development Specialist Frank Van Loon speaks about his decision to partner with CrossKnowledge to develop an e-learning platform for Innogy. Beyond a simple collaboration, the CrossKnowledge teams fostered an open, honest, team spirit environment, and the results are no less than amazing.

Collaboration with CrossKnowledge: a need for change

Van Loon wanted a learning program that could challenge existing concepts of leadership growth using Blendedx—CrossKnowledge’s cutting edge e-learning technology. With a budding e-learning solution in the works, he was seeking to expand to a full end-to-end digital learning program. The CrossKnowledge teams offered transparent, agile, and team-oriented exchanges, which helped lead to a highly collaborative learning environment. For Van Loon, CrossKnowledge was more than just a productive partner. The collaboration promoted openness and offered flexibility, leading to a stellar platform with top-notch user experience.

Case study Innogy: a leading start

According to Innogy’s People Development Specialist, the high point of the CrossKnowledge collaboration was platform launch day. In addition to marking the launch of the innovative solution, it gave learners an opportunity to see the platform in action. They were impressed by both its content selection and ease of navigation, a testament to CrossKnowledge’s expertise in the e-learning field. The easy access to relevant content made for a winning Blendedx solution. It’s why Van Loon highly recommends CrossKnowledge to companies looking to cook up a powerful, user-friendly digital learning platform.

By maintaining open exchanges, CrossKnowledge ensured success through honesty and transparency. Their agile work methods ensured development flexibility and their efforts were greatly appreciated by Innogy, whose e-learning platform was a smashing success.