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Learner Marketing: why you need an effective 360° communication plan

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Learner engagement is a common problem. To remedy this, L&D teams now use marketing techniques. Learner marketing aims to put learners at the heart of the learning process, engage them, and win their loyalty. Find out when to advertise your training courses and how to put an effective communication strategy in place that will enrich the learner experience.

How should you define your 360° communication strategy?

Companies usually work out their own training needs by assessing the need for change within their teams. But your staff aren’t going to spontaneously sign up for just any course you offer them. You have to make them want to invest in themselves and champion change using a dedicated communication strategy.

Preliminary questions

Your communication plan is a key support tool for your training strategy. It should engage learners by making them realize how important the program is—for them and the company. It helps you form a group, develop team spirit and deal with possible questions or stumbling blocks encountered by participants.

Communication milestones for training programs

The recruitment phase

Before you launch a course, plan an impactful communication campaign to pique interest among team members. Involve leaders and managers—the real influencers and sponsors—to convey the information to potential learners and sing the program’s praises. Work on your activities with the communications team to learn how to communicate effectively using the tools that best suit how team members work.

Best practices

The launch phase

Combine various tools, such as emails, newsletters, social networks, and gamification, and various delivery channels (on- and offline) to support your communications. Think multichannel to reach as many team members as possible, focusing on their habits and preferences. These communications “experiences” should be meticulously prepared in advance, and planned with the goal of helping you to increase your presence.

Best practices

The loyalty phase

To engage learners long term, you should keep their interest alive from before the course launch until the end of the course. Use strategic topics prompted during annual reviews, for example, and incorporate your messages into company announcements for a continuous communications stream.

Best practices

Course newsletter: the key for attracting your target group

A key asset in making your programs a success, learner marketing helps you recruit learners, inspire them, and keep them interested until the end of the program. To develop an engaging, long-term 360° communication plan, you can count on our experts at CrossKnowledge to help you create your editorial schedule and choose the best communication tools to suit your training goals.