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Live Distance Learning: A New Direction for Blended Learning

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Virtual classroom

Live Distance Learning, the new Blended Learning hybrid for a post-pandemic era

Virtual classes gained dominance during the pandemic

The primacy given to the virtual classroom modality has certainly become a central focus during the pandemic. There was adoption at an unprecedented level of the virtual classroom as the principal learning modality, even though these online classes are closer to “training meetings” than a true learning modality.

This shift began as a reaction to months of lockdowns but they continue to be deeply affected by remote working, which takes employees away from physical training locations. At the same time, training should continue to happen while learner needs have increased with demands for training in remote work, stress management, how to balance private and professional time while working from home, remote team management, and other new challenges.

Virtual classes or simply training meetings?

Unfortunately, the majority of virtual classrooms lack the pedagogical structure and features that reinforce and enrich the learning experience. To compensate, trainers must avoid the mistake of depending solely on virtual classrooms and instead think of them as a modality hybrid, combining the best of face-to-face courses that offer a series of activities with at-a-distance functionalities and self-directed learning. Live Distance Learning should be the goal—a new Blended Learning hybrid that creates proximity and presence, but at a distance.

After having demonstrated a great capacity for improvisation and reactivity during the crisis, training professionals must seize this opportunity to reinvent their profession. The field remains open for training devices that can make the most of the Live Distance Learning that will become its core, and trainers will be motivated by its richness and capacity to simulate the face-to-face course for which L&D have a professional mastery.

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