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3 Questions with Michelangelo Ferraro of isapiens

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iSapiens is an Italian firm dedicated to helping people develop the skills, abilities, and behaviors needed in the modern workplace. A CrossKnowledge partner for a decade, they accompany Italian companies in their upskilling and reskilling efforts. Through this partnership, isapiens is able to create and deliver training solutions built using innovative learning technologies, offering effective training paths that target diverse areas of expertise by a blended, scalable approach.

1. What is the digital learning market like in Italy, and what opportunities and challenges are organizations facing there?

Nowadays, and especially after the last year, organizations in Italy (and around the world) have faced an incredible change, which has forced a shift towards a remote or hybrid workforce. As a result, the entire set of leadership and management skills, what we like to call “human skills”, had to be updated. It is one thing to exercise leadership in a physical context, but quite another when dealing with remote or hybrid teams. It’s an incredible change to accommodate, especially the transformation it entails for leadership and managerial skills. It involves a consistent capacity to self-manage, for example. These are all human skills within a set needing a total review.

2. Have you observed major changes in L&D expectations when it comes to training efficiency?

Italian Learning & Development teams are realizing that things like classroom and on-the-job training are no longer viable – and they are not even scalable! The challenge is to respond to the need for scalability, while ensuring effectiveness. Today, offering open libraries and making content accessible to people is simply not enough: upskilling and reskilling are real needs for people, whether they are professionals or middle managers. So, today more than ever, we can see the strong presence of a blended and scalable mode on the Italian L&D radar.

3. What benefits can you offer to your clients by partnering with CrossKnowledge?

We are blended learning specialists, focused on scalable experiences and solutions. We developed a specific methodology that we call AliveLeanirng™. Effective, innovated and developed by isapiens trainers. With its combination of synchronous and asynchronous activities, AliveLearning ™ redefines and enhances key aspects and strengths from the main learning formats (Coaching’s structured path and constant feedback; Classroom’s group experience; Webinars’ virtual and asynchronous access to expert; E-learning’s autonomy of use and flexibility). CrossKnowledge offerings (in terms of platform, solutions, library, etc.) represent key-tools and ingredients for us to set up our solutions.

CrossKnowledge is an irreplaceable partner for us, in order to develop our design and management services on critical human skills.

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About Michelangelo Ferraro

iSapiens CEO Michelangelo FerraroFounder & CEO of isapiens, Michelangelo helps companies and entrepreneurs of SMEs and start-ups to fight the skill divide, which he considers the real enemy of growth. Michelangelo is the former Country Director (Italy) for CrossKnowledge, Fixed-term Professor of Humanities Computing at University of Ferrara, and Founder of SOL-StudiareOnLine, one of the first digital startups created on the web in Italy (2000).