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Using emotional intelligence to thrive in the Digital Age

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Emotional Intelligence in the Digital Age

Today, simply having a high IQ, a degree from a prestigious university, or a unique area of specialization is not enough to guarantee professional success. A solid knowledge base and effective management of emotions –both individually and in a team dynamic– is needed to ensure that 21st century employees succeed.

In a professional setting, emotional intelligence can prove to be extremely useful in communications between colleagues. Conflict resolution, leadership, communication, and interpersonal relationships are all key skills, more in-demand now than ever before, which can strongly influence team performance.

Companies are places where a number of emotions are felt on a daily basis. Whether it’s anger, fear, frustration, or even joy and enthusiasm, poor management of these emotions can present an obstacle towards team efficiency and cohesion. Fighting one’s emotions, suppressing negative feelings, or even holding others responsible for personal feelings are all counter-productive behaviors that hinder better communication with others.

Gill Hasson demonstrates to individual employees and teams not only how to listen to their emotions, but also how to accept and decode the messages they are sending. Consequently, employees work more productively together, while creating a genuine bond of trust and collaboration.

Gill Hasson has developed a unique method known as the “ABC” model that encourages employees to assume responsibility for their own emotions, and react appropriately regardless of the situation. This method provides employees with effective and actionable tools to manage their own emotions, as well as those of others.


Gill HassonGill Hasson has been a teacher, coach, and writer for over 20 years, covering every subject related to personal development. She teaches at training centers as well as non-profits, private companies, and governmental organizations. The author of several best-sellers including Mindfulness: Be Mindful. Live in the Moment, her primary motivation is to help others realize their full potential and live their lives to the fullest!