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Learner Experience at the Heart: the Carrefour Omni-Channel Training Strategy

The Challenge

In terms of training, Carrefour is faced with the challenge of omni-channel personalization. Offering a personalized user experience to everyone when there are 115,000 members of staff and 120 different occupations is not a straightforward task! To achieve this, the French training division works hand in hand with the CrossKnowledge teams. This partnership has continued to develop in order to meet the group’s increasingly ambitious objectives. The L&D teams initiated a review of their training approach. The dual objective is to give as many members of staff access to the cross-functional and business-specific training courses while offering a personalized user experience.

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The Solution

This approach entails the ergonomic improvement and simplified use of the learning platform but it consists largely of substantial work on the personalization of the training courses, clearly demonstrating the group’s commitment to its employees. This has resulted in a simplified search bar on the portal (which has become a key aspect) and content, which is displayed according to the learner profile. Mobile access on PC, tablet or smartphone has also been rolled out by the Carrefour teams to further facilitate the engagement of learners and to enable them to take part in training courses in offline mode. Another development is to move from a “just-in-case” rationale to a “just-in-time” rationale. Efforts are therefore focused on delivering specific knowledge at the exact moment the employees need it. How? In a company, certain developmental moments can be easily anticipated, such as the annual appraisal interview: as this meeting approaches, the user will be offered a training course on how to conduct this interview successfully. The same applies to a variety of subject matters either via the “skills pathway” or the “event campaigns”. For the subject areas that the company is unable to anticipate, the employee can express his/her needs and find the correct content at the required moment by using open access as part of a micro-learning approach.

Personalization also comes into play, especially in the field of job training. This applies to all hierarchical levels – directors, managers and employees – but the portal is divided up to meet the very specific needs of all of the Carrefour France business units. Each business unit makes its own choices and can put forward its current priorities or promote exclusive content tailored to each specific situation. By way of example, the hypermarket employees may first and foremost be offered safety-related training that is directly associated with the specific environment of a hypermarket. To develop and enrich this content, the training teams have set up a “Learning Lab” offering a number of different solutions, including Mohive, which gives them full autonomy in the creation of this content. Moreover, the training department has launched initiatives with the end goal of converting certain training sessions, which until recently have been given in a classroom setting, into blended learning. Carrefour could choose to just enjoy the exceptional results it has already achieved, but the objectives for the years to come are even more ambitious. With Cap Formation, Carrefour aims to double the number of trained employees by 2020, and personalization plays a key role in this approach.

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"We would like to operate like Netflix: the more you consume, the better our ability to inform you about which training courses you will benefit from.”

Adilson Borges,
Head of L&D, Carrefour