CrossKnowledge Supports Its Clients with an Exclusive 4-Week “REBOOT CAMP”

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The 5th of May kicked off a new initiative for CrossKnowledge clients, called “REBOOT CAMP: Together for the Next Phase”. Supported by the CrossKnowledge Academy and designed by CrossKnowledge experts, this 4-week collaborative learning experience gives us the opportunity to join forces with our clients as we all navigate the post-lockdown phase. As a dedicated partner, CrossKnowledge was eager to step in and offer support to our network of learning professionals by providing a virtual space for discussions and peer-exchanges, supplemented by a robust learning experience in a guided format.

Based on CrossKnowledge pedagogy and expertise, the REBOOT CAMP offers an expertly crafted hybrid learning journey that mixes shared insights from our experts, moments for reflection, and two virtual workshops to encourage knowledge sharing via diverse activities that leverage a network of collective intelligence. The focus is on identifying short and mid-term tactics and priorities to support employees and managers in turbulent times, engaging business stakeholders to maximize impact for change and capability development in uncertain times, and knowing where to pivot in the longer-term for future learning strategies. Featuring our experts and greater L&D community, the two live interactive sessions on May 13th and May 28th provide a forum for our clients to explore the topics that matter most to them at this moment.

The goal of the REBOOT CAMP initiative is to help learning professionals support their organizations, while also encouraging our community to come together during this difficult period. It reflects CrossKnowledge’s ongoing commitment to our partners to be there through good times and bad, with a level of support and expertise that our clients have come to expect from us.

More about the CrossKnowledge Academy:

Launched in 2011, the Academy is a value-added service for CrossKnowledge clients, to empower L&D teams and help them get the most out of our solutions. Through the Academy, learning professionals can gain access to exclusive content and programs, be privy to market and learning insights from leading digital learning experts, and participate in our exclusive L&D community to exchange with peers and learn from best practices.

The CrossKnowledge Academy is headed by Alejandra Jourdan and features privileged insights, research and analyses from in-house experts like Jan Rijken, Cedric Borzee and Anja Emonds, as well as a masterclass from Josh Bersin that was created for CrossKnowledge clients.

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