CrossKnowledge ranks #1 in Craig Weiss’ annual Top 50 Learning System

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The Craig Weiss Group announced today that CrossKnowledge, one of the world’s leading distance learning providers, was ranked #1 in the Craig Weiss annual Top Learning System.

The e-learning analyst, speaker and author, Craig Weiss, went through a list of a thousand vendors around the world and collected the best in his annual LMS report.

Our platform has made incredible progress in the last few years in the Craig Weiss report, ranking in the Top 30 in 2017, second in 2019 and eventually 1st in 2020. As do our clients, analysts are appreciating our efforts towards delivering an outcome based approach to learning and sustaining the gigantic ambition of delivering skills acquisition at scale.

A Top Learning System In-depth report analysis

The analysis was done on features and functionalities, strictly focusing on ‘learning’ capabilities with highly qualitative points on :

Among the other highlighted appreciations

Finally, vertical Rankings: #1 for consumer goods and consumer services, #1 for Hardware technology, #2 for Retail and Hospitality

Congratulations to a system that achieves the highest score since the rankings began!

Craig Weiss, CEO of the Craig Weiss Group.

This is a great feeling to see CrossKnowledge Learning Suite finally recognized for it’s efforts. At CrossKnowledge, we focus on developing unified digital learning solutions for our clients. With the recent focus on skills acquisition and an outcome-based approach to learning, we are sure to be on the right track. Our learning platform continues to tackle all organizational learning needs and is now the best solution this market has to offer

Danish Khan, Product Marketing Manager at CrossKnowledge.

About the TOP 50 LMS Report

Craig Weiss’ annual report announces his picks for the Top 50 LMS report of the year, selected based on a number of criteria that he lays out in more detail on his website and in the report itself. Ultimately, the report acts as a valuable resource for learning professionals who may be purchasing a learning management system in the near future. Including detailed profiles of the 50 learning management systems that it ranks, it also provides an overall analysis of the market and unique top three LMS report lists for a variety of verticals.

About CrossKnowledge

CrossKnowledge empowers global organizations to continuously develop a skilled workforce.
Its multi awarded digital learning solution uniquely combines digital content for the most in-demand skills, a powerful learning platform and expert capabilities to create impactful learning experiences.
For over 20 years, CrossKnowledge has been recognized as a partner for effective skill building at scale, with unmatched expertise and accountability thanks to its client success team.
CrossKnowledge serves 500 clients, reaching 12 million learners. CrossKnowledge is part of Wiley, a leader in Research and Education, helping people and organizations develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.