A brand-new course on mental health and well-being for managers

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Donna Butler and Gill Hasson - Mental Health

Help your employees thrive with our brand-new online Path to Performance (P2P) course, Ensure the Mental Health and Well-being of Your Employees, developed with experts Gill Hasson and Donna Butler.

With this course, managers and HR professionals will acquire a variety of tools to help combat some of the most common and challenging mental health issues in the workplace today, such as stress, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, burnout, and suicidal thoughts, and learn.

How to contribute to a healthier and happier workplace

Our course guides are Wiley bestselling author Gill Hasson, who has over 20 years’ experience in teaching, coaching, and writing about personal development, and Donna Butler, a psychotherapist who has worked in the UK National Health Service (NHS) for over 30 years at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust. Together, they are the authors of the recently published Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace (Capstone/Wiley), from which this course has been adapted.

Ensure the mental health and well-being of your employees

Your employees’ psychological health and well-being are not just important for having a happy and functioning team; they’re essential for results. And providing a workplace that fosters such well-being is an essential ethical and legal obligation. This course discusses how to build a great place to work, and how to be prepared for possible crises.

A practical guide for a happier and healthier workplace

This course comprises the following six key steps:

  1. Understand mental health and well-being in the workplace
  2. Foster well-being in the workplace
  3. Address employee burnout
  4. Support staff through mental health issues
  5. Manage a workplace free from bullying and harassment
  6. Support a team member facing suicidal thoughts