Two new Paths to Performance on corporate ethics, with philosopher Julian Baggini

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Looking to promote corporate ethics in your company? Whatever your level in the organization, you will find what you need in one of these courses! The first has been specifically designed for managers, while the second is for anyone who wants to make a difference. Using his philosopher’s perspective, Julian Baggini reveals what it truly means to be ethical as an employee, a manager, and an organization. You will also explore the different ways you can contribute to a virtuous organization where, by definition, everyone can thrive!

Building a good business requires deeds, not words.

Two eye-opening courses to embed ethics into the very core of your organization:

Dr. Julian Baggini Julian Baggini - corporate ethicsis a British philosopher, journalist, and the author of over 20 books about philosophy written for a general audience, including How the World Thinks, A Short History of Truth, The Ego Trick, Freedom Regained, and The Edge of Reason. He is co-founder of The Philosophers’ Magazine and is a regular columnist for international newspapers and magazines such as the Financial Times, The Guardian, Prospect and The Wall Street Journal. In addition to his work on philosophy, he has also written on corporate ethics, atheism, secularism, and the nature of national identity. In 2019 Dr. Baggini was named academic director of the UK’s Royal Institute of Philosophy.