The Human Advantage series: Unlocking learning agility in the workplace, with Tijana Catenazzi from Baxter

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In this episode of The Human Advantage podcast series, we welcome Tijana Catenazzi, an accomplished HR leader at Baxter.

With over a decade of experience spanning the integrated supply chain for medical products and therapy businesses across the EMEA and APAC regions, Tijana brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Her passion for people development, coupled with a deep commitment to continuous learning, has made her a driving force behind transformative initiatives within Baxter.

Throughout her career, Tijana has demonstrated a remarkable ability to build learning communities, promote coaching cultures, and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of talent development.

Join us as we explore how to unlock learning agility and a culture of continuous learning within organizations.

4 key insights from Tijana Catenazzi

Embracing Curiosity and Adaptability
Tijana defines learning agility as the curiosity to step out of comfort zones, embracing openness to new experiences and a mindset of self-reflection. Cultivating a mindset of perpetual learning and adaptability is paramount for sustained success and personal growth.

Cultivating a Learning Culture is Everyone’s Responsibility
Fostering a culture of learning isn’t just HR or L&D’s job; it requires commitment from all levels of the organization. While L&D initiatives set the tone, it’s everyone’s responsibility to integrate learning agility into the organizational DNA, emphasizing collective commitment to growth and development.

The Role of L&D in Promoting Learning Agility 
L&D departments act as orchestrators, aligning learning initiatives with organizational goals and needs. Tijana underscores the importance of understanding business requirements, stakeholder management, and tailoring learning experiences to current challenges. By facilitating collaboration and providing resources, L&D empowers individuals to embrace learning agility effectively.

Empowering Through Collaboration
Tijana’s project of building a learning community at Baxter exemplifies the power of collaboration and co-creation. By involving employees from different sites, sharing best practices, and fostering a sense of ownership, she created a platform where learning became intrinsic to the organization’s culture.


Show notes

(00:01) Introduction to the Human Advantage series
(01:30) Renan welcomes Tijana Catenazzi, a seasoned HR leader at Baxter
(04:30) Definition of learning agility
(06:15) Responsibility for fostering learning agility
(07:10) Role of L&D in promoting learning agility
(09:50) Building a learning community at Baxter
(14:05) Strategies for promoting learning agility despite time constraints
(16:25) The pivotal role of company culture in fostering a learning mindset
(18:10) Advice for L&D leaders promoting learning agility
(19:20) Conclusion of the podcast

Baxter Podcast - Tijana Catenazzi

With a decade-long experience in Corporate HR and 3+ years of Coaching experience Tijana is an international HR Leader and a Professional Certified Coach. Her passion for people development and growth has driven her career and work and helped her become a more empathic human.

She has led Global initiatives around Culture, Change, Communication & Integration for the Integrated Supply Chain @Baxter, and is currently supporting the Integrated Supply Chain for the Medical Product and Therapies for EMEA & APAC.

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